[TAC] Stop Human Spam

[TAC] Stop Human Spam 1.4.8

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  • Better support for Sneak Urls with international languages. Now something like wéwéw. won't get picked up as a sneaky url, but w-w-w still will
  • Fixed an issue related to false positives from sneaky urls. This was due to using o|O within regex without brackets to detect .*o*r*g or .0*r*g (the second uses a zero). By not wrapping the regex for o|O within brackets, something like ".), o " would be falsely picked up as a sneaky url. This is no longer the case...
Fixed an issue related to replying to conversations when switching link-post-rules off for conversations
Release 09/03/2013
Change Log:

  • Fixed an issue with link-post-rules being applied to conversations
  • The detection of sneaky urls can now be applied as:

  1. Stop Sneaky Urls in Titles / Content For Posts && Threads
  2. Stop Sneaky Urls For Profile Posts
  3. Stop Sneaky Urls For Conversations
  4. Stop Sneaky Urls with For About You

(but sneaky urls will not be detected if the user has already passed the link post rules)
Release 06/03/2013
Change Log:

  • Can now apply Link-Post-Rules to profile posts
  • Can now select individual Forums that bypass link post rules (for instance, moderated forums shouldn't need these rules, since they are manually checked anyway)
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