[TAC] Stop Human Spam

[TAC] Stop Human Spam 1.4.8

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Been running it for years. Couldn't run my forums without it. I pretty much get zero spam making it through. I like it so much, I re-purchased it when the new owner took over.
Started catching spam day one. Also, I sent a settings question to the author. I got a super quick and helpful response.
Been using this addon for months (probably years!) now. It's excellent. Does a great job of stopping human spam with loads of options to set things up how you want.
The spam logs this add-on produces are absolutely essential to the running of all of our forums, large and small. The auto-modding of links that spammers post ensures we don't expose the spam on the front-end, whilst providing a quick and easy way for our mod teams to get rid of the junk.

With an option to scan profile fields, such as homepage links, we can even trap and spam-cleanse the spammers who don't post anything - just rock up and try to spam their user profile.

5 Stars for this add-on from me. :D
This is the best add-on to put a stop to human spamming. I love the new feature where you can moderate new members posts that contain links. I have had zero problems using this add-on. The logging feature is excellent as well. Highly recommended to any XF board.
I forgot to rate this! Been using this for several months, it's ESSENTIAL to our forum spam efforts. There are SO many pixel spammers out there, that are humans, that copy a post from page x in a long thread, and add a link to a single-pixel image for cookie tracking. This add-on is the only think that'll stop them.
I am surprised that this add-on is not more actively rated. This is something that I see as essential and wonder why forum software does not put in place methods to prevent certain users from updating known spam hot spots such as profile posts, homepage urls and links in posts. Hopefully this continues to be supported.
Once configured correctly, it WILL help with those "human" spammers that hit your site and try to spam on the first post.
Great support and a great add-on. I like his stuff so well I purchased the entire package deal.
Great addon - Certainly does the trick!
Amazing add-on and top support from the dev. Loads of configuration options and it's fun to see the failed attempts at posting spam in the reporting.
I don't know why more people haven't rated this addon but personally I think it's excellent.
This has got to be the single best add-on for XF spam prevention to date. Absolutely flogs human spam via an algorithmic quality approach of post / likes, let alone minimum standard. Really worth the money for every forum.
Love this! The only place spammer were posting on my site was in their profiles. This should put an end to all that :-)
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