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This is included in Both
i) Free (Branded) Tac Anti Spam Collection
ii) Paid (unbranded) Tac Anti Spam Collection

tenants submitted a new resource [This was re-submitted, the previous version had no discussion ?*!?? :S ):

StopHumanSpam - Anti Human Spam (version 1.0.0) - Set conditions signature/links/homepage & stop posts creation for banned words

This Plug-in has 0 database queries overhead

This is included in Both
i) Free (Branded) Tac Anti Spam Collection
ii) Paid (unbranded) Tac Anti Spam Collection

Stop Human Spam by setting conditions for signatures / posts containing links / home page urls...

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To Do list

1) Apply Rules To Profile Posts - Done v1.0.1
2) Forum Selector to bypass the forum-link-rules of certain forums Done v1.0.1

3) Separate Stop Sneaky URLs for conversations / threads / profile post / about you Done v1.0.2
4) Check Spam Workflows (and post images below) Done v1.0.2

5) Logging Done v1.1.0

6) Multiple Account Detection

7) Put link-post-rules warnings within a template and remove conditions that the user has already met

8) Link to users from the ACP logs Done v1.0.3

9) Time Lock To Prevent Multiple Conversations - (max per day, time limit between 2 conversations ~ 30 seconds) --- IMPORTANT!

10) Non logged in users -> banned word ->login page. It would be better to display a message for non logged in members to inform them that their post is in moderation
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Possible Human Spam Workflows:

Workflow: Spam Thread Creation
1) Spam user registers, and tries to copy/paste their spam into a new thread (or a reply to an existing thread)

The Stop Banned words section prevents posts / threads for "common" bad words being created (these are defined by you for both post content and thread titles)

2) Spam user keeps changing the title of thread (to break up / remove spam words), until they get passed these messages

3) Spam user changes content (to break up / remove spam words), but still tries to place a link

The Link-Post-Rules catches links created by a users that do not meet the minimum requirements (days registered, likes, posts, like : post ratio). The minimum requirements for Link-Post-Rules are set by you in the ACP

4) Spam user breaks up links (to try to place a sneaky url) in the post


5) Spam user gets annoyed and moves on to profile posts / conversation / about me / home page / and then gives up, since they can not advertise their site until the minimum conditions have been met

* A similar work flow is also be applied to thread editing, post creation, post editing, profile posting, conversation creating, conversation editing, homepage/about me

Existing users will not see these issues if they either:
1) Meet the minimum requirements (defined by you in the ACP)
  • minimum days registered
  • minimum number of posts
  • minimum number of likes
  • minimum post:like ratio
2)Or they have been given the forum permissions (either directly/to the group)
  • Can Bypass Link-Post-Rules
  • Can Bypass Signature-Modify-Rules
  • Can Bypass Stop-Banned-Words
  • Can Bypass Stop-Sneaky-Urls

3) The forum they are posting to is selected as a forum to bypass Link-Post-Rules (for instance, moderated forums)

Hi Mike, one bug

On my board, with this conversation setting

Schermata 2013-03-07 alle 17.05.34.webp

in conversation I receive the alert...
Is that the only setting you have on.

Can I just clarify:

You have no other link-post-rules switched on, but when you create a conversation with a link (and you don't meet the minimum requirements) you still see a warning
and this warning is which one:

1) A banned word has been detected
2) You have not met the minimum requeriement
3) A sneaky url was detected
okay, is it this you are getting:

A sneaky URL has been detected in your content. Please check your content and remove anything that might look like a URL

This is working as expected, you need to turn off sneaky urls if you want users to add urls / sneaky urls in conversations... but that's not great is it :s

So, next version, I'm going to split the options for sneaky urls, so you have the following check boxes in the ACP:

Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content For Posts && Threads
Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content For Profile Posts
Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content For Conversations
Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content For HomePage URL
Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content For About You
(and sneaky urls will only be checked if the link-post-rules minimum conditions are not met)

instead of just:

Stop Sneaky Urls with Regex in title / content
My issue in conversations isn't with sneaky URLs, but with link alert. Anyway i would like to disable the check for both in conversations.
Turn On Link-Post-Rules For Conversations
Apply the Link-Post-Rules to conversations, users will be subject to the below conditions when creating / updating conversations

Do this setting refered to link in conversations? o_O
Sorry for my english... :(
I've noticed a large increase in human spammers getting through now on my site, and posting spam links in their Home page and AboutYou field. This should be perfect for what I need. (y)
tenants updated StopHumanSpam - Anti Human Spam with a new update entry:

Stop Human Spam - fix (for conversations) & Stop Sneaky URL enhancement

Release 09/03/2013
Change Log:

  • Fixed an issue with link-post-rules being applied to conversations
  • The detection of sneaky urls can now be applied as:

  1. Stop Sneaky Urls in Titles / Content For Posts && Threads
  2. Stop Sneaky Urls For Profile Posts
  3. Stop Sneaky Urls For Conversations
  4. Stop Sneaky Urls with For About You

(but sneaky urls will not be detected if the user has already passed the link post rules)

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ah, another conversation bug when switching link-post-rules off for conversations

if($options->shsConversationOn == 0)
return parent::actionSaveMessage();

should be

if($options->shsConversationOn == 0)
return parent::actionInsertReply();

quick fix v1.0.3
tenants updated StopHumanSpam - Anti Human Spam with a new update entry:

Stop Human Spam - Fix and better Sneaky URLs for international languages

  • Better support for Sneaky Urls with international languages. Now something like wéwéwé won't get picked up as a sneaky url, but w-w-w- still will
  • Fixed an issue related to false positives from sneaky urls. This was due to using o|O within regex without brackets to detect .*o*r*g or .0*r*g (the second uses a zero). By not...

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