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Link Checker by AddonsLab 1.6.1

No permission to buy ($21.99)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Updates duration
1 year updates and support - 15 USD
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
Add-On Information

The add-on gives full control over the links we have in all your posts, allowing you to search for them quickly, check their status, modify them one by one or at once. Even though there are similar add-ons already developed, we tried to make a definitive solution which has power options for advanced users, like regular expression support, but the same time is straightforward to use and fully functional out of the box.

Link Status Icons.png

Delete Link Confirmation.png

Link URL partial replacement.png

The product comes with the following main features and pages:
  1. A new section in Admin Panel, under Tools tab, allowing you control the product.
  2. Rebuild page to find all links posted on your board currently. A separate rebuild task can be run to check the status of the links.
  3. Manage Links page lists all links found so far. It has a quick search and filter controls allowing you to find any particular links filtering by status or URL. Current link status is shown in the list, and broken links are highlighted for quicker orientation.
  4. Each link can be edited individually. Edit page gives full information about last status check, allows to force-update the status by checking it one more time, to set the URL and text of the link or to delete it. It also has a link to the content where the URL was used so you can check the post quickly if needed.
  5. Deletion of links allows setting a placeholder message that will replace the link. It can be left empty for the simple removal of the link.
  6. Advanced batch update tool allows you to change an unlimited number of URLs at once. Caution: use the tool with care as it modifies the database content, and any submitted changes will not be reversible.
  7. Batch update page allows to quickly find any link by its status code, the content of the URL or its text. Replacement options are to replace the URL/text entirely, or to do partial replacement only replacing the parts defined in your search criteria.
  8. Regular expressions are supported in both search and replace mode. Subpatterns of matched searched criteria can be used as variables in the replacement.
  9. A link can be shown under each post allowing to force-update the status of all links found in the post. Controllable by a new usergroup permission.
  10. Links in the posts can have a "valid" or an "invalid" icon next to the link based on their status. The usergroups allowed to see the icons are controlled via XenForo Usergroup Permissions page.
  11. The "valid" icon can be hidden for all usergroups at once if you prefer not to have it but to show broken links only.
We are getting reports from our customers, that several URLs are actually alive but the product does not recognize it and gives an error when trying to save the URL in Admin Panel.

It is important to realize, that checking a URL automatically is not the same as visiting the URL in your browsers. There are many techniques available, that can make a page to work when visiting by the browser, or when Google indexes the site, but block any other bots, including our bot that checks the status of URL.

Feel free to contact us whenever you get any URL that doesn't work for you in our add-on, but works via browser, but so far in all cases we had this resulted from the site/ip being blocked by another site or automated requests being blocked altogether. Please consider adding the URL/Domain to the exclusion list in these cases.

Disclaimer: Please make sure to backup your database before using the tool. It is processing the real content of the database and any changes committed are impossible to revert.

Planned Features
  1. In-place edit of broken links without editing the post.
  2. Notify admins when there are new broken links found.


Add-on costs $21.99 USD that includes one year of support and updates with permanent access to product versions released in license validity period. Yearly extension costs $15.00 USD

The add-on has a visible branding with a link to our website which can be removed for additional $10.00 USD payment.

Trial Version

We offer seven days free trial version on our website. No credit card is required, the service is approved automatically upon registration and confirmation of order.

IonCube Loader is required to run trial version of the product. The full version does not have such requirement and does not have any encoded code in it.


The product is active on our forums at https://addonslab.com/forums/ and can be tested at https://addonslab.com/forums/test-forum.3/

Registered user accounts
Username: user1
Password: userpass

Username: user2
Password: userpass

Admin account
Username: admin1
Password: adminpass

Licensing Information
You will get a License Key upon purchase/trial subscription, which will be available in My Services page at https://customers.addonslab.com/marketplace.php/my-services/

The key should be entered in product's Options page in XenForo Admin Panel. Once entered and saved you will see full details about your current license status. The key can be used only on one board and one server, so if you move the board you need to Reissue the license in My Services page.

The product does not include any callbacks, that execute on page load time on front-end or via cron jobs. License check is done only when you edit/save product's options or upgrade the product to the next version.

We require valid XenForo license to purchase the product. You will be asked for XenForo License validation information during the purchase.

Full details at https://addonslab.com/threads/product-licensing-information.81/

XenForo 2.x Upgrade

We will provide free upgrade to XenForo 2.x version of this add-on to all existing customers. XenForo 2.x version is under development and will be released soon.

The add-on is able to process thousands of links at once, and in some cases, this may not work as expected. Please note, that we are not responsible for any loss or corruption of data as a result of your usage of our add-on so please contact us before running batch update tools for an advice. Please backup your database before processing any batch updates.


Support will be provided in the Discussion Thread at XenForo.com and in our Support System at https://customers.addonslab.com/submitticket.php

Feel free to contact us with any issues you find in the product or any suggestions.

Check out our free and paid XenForo add-ons in our Marketplace at https://customers.addonslab.com/marketplace.php
First release
Last update
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