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Location custom field by AddonsLab 1.6.3

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.0
  2. 2.1
  3. 2.2
Additional requirements
[AL] Core package - https://xenforo.com/community/resources/al-core-package.7382/
Updates duration
No support/upgrade fees
Visible branding
Note: You are eligible for a free license of this add-on if you purchase any of our Filter add-ons.

Add-On Overview

The add-on implements a new custom field type - Location, allowing to collect location information from your users. It provides the list of countries/areas/cities based on World Cities Database - https://simplemaps.com/data/world-cities and allows admins to custom the list, add, edit and delete any record.

The following custom field holders will support location custom field:
User custom fields
Thread custom fields
Resource manager custom fields
Media gallery custom fields
XenAddons Showcase item fields and review fields by @Bob

Location options will be available when creating a new custom field:
Location options - 1.png

Location options - 2.png

Based on this configuration, users will be a form to set their location:

Location field.png

And based on the format specified in the settings the location will be shown for the item (user's profile, on top of the thread etc.)
Location field - output.png

The list of countries, their areas and cities can be configured in the Admin Panel:



The product is active on our forums at https://xf2.addonslab.com/index.php

Registered user accounts
Username: user1
Password: userpass

Username: user2
Password: userpass

Admin account
Username: admin1
Password: adminpass

Licensing Information

You will get a License Key upon purchase/trial subscription, which will be available in My Services page at https://customers.addonslab.com/marketplace.php/my-services/

The key should be entered in product's Options page in XenForo Admin Panel. Once entered and saved you will see full details about your current license status. The key can be used only on one board and one server, so if you move the board you need to Reissue the license in My Services page.

The product does not include any callbacks, that execute on page load time on front-end or via cron jobs. License check is done only when you edit/save product's options or upgrade the product to the next version.

We require valid XenForo license to purchase the product. You will be asked for XenForo License validation information during the purchase.

Full details at


Support will be provided in the Discussion Thread at XenForo.com and in our Support System at https://customers.addonslab.com/submitticket.php

Feel free to contact us with any issues you find in the product or any suggestions.

Check out our free and paid XenForo add-ons in our Marketplace at https://customers.addonslab.com/marketplace.php
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