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  1. F

    XF 2.2 How can I bulk delete the profile banner ?

    My profile banner folder consumes around 3GB of size. I would like to delete all profile banners and allow only certain group of users to upload profile banner. In batch update users I can an option to remove avatar, but there is no such option available for profile banners. Any help will be...
  2. Kruzya

    Fixed "Batch Update Thread" can't find threads with type "redirect"

    Recently we have been busy with merging threads, and a lot of "redirects" have been created as a result of this process, so that the links in the search engines have time to update. Today i thinked about creating an "invisible" node for this threads, just for leaving links in "live" state. Node...
  3. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Approval Queue Improvements 2.1.3

    Date range filter, default filters, ajax loader, content hard deletion and more... Features: New filter - date range with presets Option to save filters (will be used as default from staff bar link) Ajax loader for more unapproved contents (by default XF shows only 50 unapproved items) Menu...
  4. M

    Lack of interest Undelete option for batch update threads

    There is no undelete option on the batch update threads. I'll have to manually undelete 100 or so threads... Unstick threads Lock threads Unlock threads Approve threads Unapprove threads Soft delete threads
  5. AddonsLab

    Link Checker for XenForo 2.x by AddonsLab 3.5.6

    Add-On Information The add-on gives full control over the links you have in all your posts, allowing you to search for them quickly, check their status, modify them one by one or at once. Support for other content types (resources, profile posts, third-party blog or article add-ons etc.) will...
  6. AddonsLab

    Link Checker by AddonsLab 1.17.0

    Add-On Information The add-on gives full control over the links you have in all your posts, allowing you to search for them quickly, check their status, modify them one by one or at once. The supported BB Code tags are URL, MEDIA and IMG. Supported media types are YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo...
  7. Sim

    Lack of interest Batch Update Users should support setting most fields

    There have already been requests for batch update of user state - ... and erasing user titles - ... but I feel...
  8. Noobz347

    Lack of interest Batch Update Node Permissions

    Would be nice to have a way to batch update node permissions. Ex: Multi-select nodes and see one list. List values are all null. If one selection is clicked (any perm level) and saved then that perm will be set to that position for each node selected. To change the perm to null: Click any...
  9. Maxxamillion

    Duplicate Batch update user state

    So i was looking for a way to mass update the user state on my site, my site requires email confirmation and some accounts struggle to get the confirmation email or people forget to check the junk box. I have a few pages of users awaiting email activation, it is very time consuming going through...
  10. Fred.

    Lack of interest Batch add tags

    I would like to add a list of tags so users can use them. (I don’t allow my users to generate tags) There seems to be no way to add multiple tags. It’s not the same than this Batch Update Tags I would just like to add tags to the system without adding them to a thread.
  11. Tan Tran

    Unmaintained Batch Update Tags 1.1

    With this addon, you can filter threads by criteria then update tags for them. Admin CP -> Applications -> Threads & Posts -> Batch Update Tags HOW TO INSTALL You can use the Add-On Installer of Chris D. OR 1) Download the zip file then Extract its contents. 2) Upload the contents of...
  12. Veer

    Batch Update Media

    Very similar to the XenForo's "Batch Update Threads" in AdminCP, I'm looking for a "Batch Update Media" page where we can easily find Media items and on the next screen batch update "Matched Media" items: Update Actions would also be similar Move to category (drop down media to select...
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