Batch Update Media


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Very similar to the XenForo's "Batch Update Threads" in AdminCP, I'm looking for a "Batch Update Media" page where we can easily find Media items and on the next screen batch update "Matched Media" items:

Update Actions would also be similar
  • Move to category (drop down media to select category)
  • Set prefix (drop down menu to select prefix)
    • Approve media (check box)
    • Unapprove media (check box)
    • Soft delete media (check box)
and then "Update Media" button to perform the action.

Delete Media
  • Confirm deletion of selected media (check box)
and then "Delete Media" button.

Why do we need it?
Well similar reasons as of "Batch Update Threads". Today I need this tool badly. We have 16K media items in 50 different categories and for some reasons we have been asked to move thousands of media items with different prefixes to different categories. We also have to soft-delete ton of media items for some time. These kind of things can easily be done with a "Batch Update Threads" like page for XenForo Media Gallery.

I hope this will be considered for upcoming feature release.

Thank you!