Lack of interest Batch Update Users should support setting most fields


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There have already been requests for batch update of user state -

... and erasing user titles -

... but I feel that many fields in a users profile - especially custom profile fields - should be batch-update-able.

My specific use case is cleaning up old member accounts who are no longer active to minimise spam reports when sending out regular newsletter emails to all users - which is controlled by a custom profile field (select box) which identifies which newsletter they want to receive (or none).

If I was able to change user state, I could also set the user state to Email invalid (bounced) but they haven't actually bounced yet, so I would prefer not to use that.

I have also wanted to be able to invalidate passwords for inactive users, delete signatures for groups of users, and more.

Other fields which would be useful to batch update:

  • password (delete / invalidate only) - plenty of cases where it would be a wise choice to remove passwords for inactive members to minimise potential damage from a breach (refer to
  • signature (delete) - we have signature permissions set so that only upgraded members can add one - but once their upgrade expires, their signature remains. It would also be useful to be able to search for users based on whether they have a signature or not.
  • receive site mailings - this is another field I could be using to prevent emails being sent to inactive users if I could batch update this setting
  • custom profile fields - text box (delete) - while there's not much value in being able to set a text-box custom profile field to an arbitrary value for multiple users, there are plenty of cases where you'd want to batch-delete the contents of a custom text field
  • custom profile fields - selection / radio - this is what I really want to be able to do ... batch update the value of a selection or radio custom profile field to one of the allowed values
  • custom profile fields - check boxes - this is slightly different to radio / selection ... but the principal still remains - allow check boxes to be turned on or off in bulk for selected users


Did this ever get addressed? - I too would like to be able to batch update fields especially our own Custom User Fields....



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Same here, specially for custom thread fields. I have a script for that but it is very basic and limited.