"Batch Update Thread" can't find threads with type "redirect"

Affected version


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Recently we have been busy with merging threads, and a lot of "redirects" have been created as a result of this process, so that the links in the search engines have time to update. Today i thinked about creating an "invisible" node for this threads, just for leaving links in "live" state.

Node created, and when i thinked about moving all these threads to this node, i remembered about "Batch Thread Update" in ACP, where i can select thread type and move all these "threads" in required node with one click. Probably i can?..

On page with batch updating i see required thread type, i check and submit form:

As a result:
Why? Because in ACP used Searcher class, which itself excludes all "redirects":


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yeah this has been an annoyance for me too. i use permanent redirect option. and move permalinks to my archive node. but i have to do it manually. would really like an option to filter redirected threads as well.