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dead link management

  1. AddonsLab

    Link Checker by AddonsLab 1.10.1

    Add-On Information The add-on gives full control over the links we have in all your posts, allowing you to search for them quickly, check their status, modify them one by one or at once. The supported BB Code tags are URL, MEDIA and IMG. Supported media types are YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo...
  2. Alfa1

    Check dead links and ask users to correct their media links

    Media links often go dead in time. Especially on youtube, etc. It would be useful if XFMG would periodically check for dead links and Alert the authors/members that their video link is no longer available and ask them to find a replacement URL. This way the webmaster doesn't end up with a mass...
  3. au lait

    Dead Link Management 1.2

    Please look at the pictures and the demo! After installation, you find the „Dead Link Managment“ in the Tools and in the Rebuild Caches section. Scroll down and set your time frame. Perhaps it is better to choose smaller time frames, cause the search takes time. This maintenance run must be...