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Alert Improvements by Xon 1.5.2

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  • Mark conversation invites alerts as read when view a conversation
  • Mark ticket alerts as read when viewing a ticket
  • Fix: Undefined index: product_version_id when viewing a license with unread alerts
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix user's alert summarization threshold setting not being respected
  • Fix that sometimes large number of alerts would have content fetched when a user accessed the on-hover alert menu.
Likes: Sunka
  • Do not attempt alert summerization on non-like post profile/post profile comment/report/conversation message alerts.
Likes: Sunka
  • Enable summarization by user for conversation messages/reports.
  • Add support for profile posts and profile post comments
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix race condition where unsummarizing alerts would result in incorrect alert counts
  • Option/link to re-summarize alerts
    • Normal alert summarization ignores read alerts and already summarized alerts, this functionality doesn't.
    • Automatically marks summary alerts as read.
    • Has a configurable flood timer (default 10 seconds), as this functionality is implemented as unsummarize all alerts, mark them as unread, and then summarize.
      • Note; if you need a flood timer longer than your general post flood timer; please use Redis Flood Check (free) add-on to bypass the limitations of the XF mysql-based flood timer.
  • Tweak wording on Alert Preferences page
  • Add phrases for admin changelog
Likes: Sunka
  • Respect limit for alert pop-outs
This add-on now requires php 5.5+

The alert summerization attempts to make the alerts pop-up & page usable with high number or likes or ratings. Summerization occurs on accessing the alerts page (pop-up or full-page)

Feature details:
  • Global Optional, Alert summerization by selected content type or user
  • User Option to prevent marking as read when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to prevent summerization when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to adjust summerization threshold
Supported content types for alert summerization
  • Posts Likes
  • Post Ratings (From Post Ratings)
  • Conversation Message Likes (From Conversation Improvements)
  • Report Comment Likes (From Report Improvements)