Alert Improvements by Xon

Unmaintained Alert Improvements by Xon 1.5.6

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  • Fix race condition where unsummarizing alerts would result in incorrect alert counts
  • Option/link to re-summarize alerts
    • Normal alert summarization ignores read alerts and already summarized alerts, this functionality doesn't.
    • Automatically marks summary alerts as read.
    • Has a configurable flood timer (default 10 seconds), as this functionality is implemented as unsummarize all alerts, mark them as unread, and then summarize.
      • Note; if you need a flood timer longer than your general post flood timer; please use Redis Flood Check (free) add-on to bypass the limitations of the XF mysql-based flood timer.
  • Tweak wording on Alert Preferences page
  • Add phrases for admin changelog
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  • Respect limit for alert pop-outs
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This add-on now requires php 5.5+

The alert summerization attempts to make the alerts pop-up & page usable with high number or likes or ratings. Summerization occurs on accessing the alerts page (pop-up or full-page)

Feature details:
  • Global Optional, Alert summerization by selected content type or user
  • User Option to prevent marking as read when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to prevent summerization when accessing /accounts/alerts page.
  • User Option to adjust summerization threshold
Supported content types for alert summerization
  • Posts Likes
  • Post Ratings (From Post Ratings)
  • Conversation Message Likes (From Conversation Improvements)
  • Report Comment Likes (From Report Improvements)


  • Simplify SQL that marks alerts as read when viewing content.
  • Prevent an SQL error if the user has 65535 alerts and marks another alert as unread.
  • When marking alerts as read on a page, do a select first to determine how many alerts are still unread.
    • This is intent to reduce rows locked when doing the UPDATE.
    • If splitting of read/writes is done, this will allow the slave servers to be checked for any outstanding alerts instead of hitting the master.
  • Support PREVENT_MARK_READ debug option
  • When viewing a user's profile page, mark any relevant alerts from that page as read.
  • Add a "mark all as read" link to the alerts page.
  • Allow users to not mark-as-read all alerts when viewing account/alerts page, setting is on account/preferences page.
    • Instead of requiring knowledge of the non-documented "skip_mark_read" argument for the same functionality
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  • On viewing a thread sometimes a deadlock occurs when updating the alert total, if so now retry once.
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  • Ajaxify the "Mark Unread" link
Support marking alerts as read for the following add-ons:
  • Post Rating
  • Conversation Improvements
  • Report Improvements
Improved thread handling, so when new posts are viewed on replying to clicking the 'show more posts' link, and relevant alerts are marked as read.

Minor tweaks to reduce the risk of deadlocks when marking alerts as read.