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Expiring User Upgrades

Expiring User Upgrades 1.3.8

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Add auto-conversation leave option for the sender with notifying a user via conversation about upgrades
  • Upgrade url link in alerts is now generated just-in-time, rather than at alert creation time
  • Update some missed alert templates to correctly push in the upgrade url
  • bd paygate compatibility fix.
  • All templates updatd to consistently use the variable {$upgradeUrl}
  • All phrases updated to consistently use the replacable {upgrade_url}
  • User upgrade URL is now centrally defined under Expiring User Upgrade's options:
  • Fix upgrade URL not being correctly set in emails
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix typo in bcc explain text
  • Fix that some email URL phrases not pointing to the right URL
Likes: Sunka
  • Set URL link in alert_exup_expired_upgrade properly
  • Fix Undefined index: title on payment for an extended upgrade being reversed.
  • Add new user upgrade payment reversal notice
Likes: Sunka
  • Ensure language is set correctly before sending notices
Likes: Sunka
  • Fix error on upgrade action when BCC reporting isn't enabled
Likes: Sunka
  1. Add index to xf_user_upgrade_active to reduce table scans on notification
  2. Tweak phrasing to ensure alerts link to the right place (updates email & alert phrases)
  3. Option to BCC upgrade notification emails to an admin address
    1. Can choose which upgrade action does a BCC action.
    2. Only emails if the user is notified.
  • Add a debug option "Shows the reason an upgrade can not be extended" for helping troubleshoot why an upgrade can not be extended.
    • Reports the reason where the extend button would be.
Likes: Sunka