Daily Statistics

Unmaintained Daily Statistics 1.3.5

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  • Using a rolling window to determine query time instead of a hard-cut off of UTC+0
  • Update board statistics every half an hour rather than just every hour
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Thanks to @Maxxamillion for pointing out the addition RM/XFMG/Showcase counters weren't displaying.

This update fixes that issue.
Thanks again to @Xon

  • Prevents an internal server error if someone browses to threads/featured without Featured Threads being installed
Xon has improved on this, by extending XenForo_Model_Counters, removing the need for additional item caching.

This removes the cron requirements.

Update Instructions:
Upload the files from the zip
Install the update via the XML file

Post Upgrade:
There are some redundant files and folders which can now be deleted
In this update, I've included support for the official XenForo Media Gallery add-on.

ACP Section (extended view)

Option Group:



To Upgrade:

Download the ZIP
Extract to local drive

Upload the files in the upload folder

Install with the .xml file included.
Added extra condition to the queries to only select VISIBLE threads / posts / resources / showcase items to display in the stats.
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Added a permission to enable you to choose which user groups can view the stats block on the forum home (or CTA Featured Thread page)


Default is set to Not Set (NO), so you'll need to set the permission for the groups you want to be able to view the stats.

This doesn't affect the ACP side of viewing them.
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Increased the execution order on Thread listener.
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Fixed an issue with the online page erroring.

I've re-written the ControllerPublic / ControllerAdmin files.

After the update, you can delete:
Increase TM execution order

Only need to re upload the XML
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