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Email Users: HTML emails 0.0.1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
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When sending email to users in admin panel, XenForo allows you to send only 1 type of email: plain text or HTML. When sending HTML email, you have no control over plain text version of email.

This add-on gives you more options:
  • You can customize plain text and HTML versions of email separately.
  • You can use BB Code to write email.
  • You can wrap HTML email in standard XenForo email template, so it looks like any other email sent by XenForo.
Add-on also adds preview so you could see what HTML email will look like.

Options in details:
  1. Use BB Code to create email.

    Option to send email as BB code will automatically convert BB code to both text and HTML. HTML version will be wrapped in XenForo template.

    Screenshot of admin panel:
    Screenshot of result in mail client:
  2. Use BB Code to create HTML email, but use different text in plain text version:
    This option is similar to previous option, except that you can customize plain text version of email.
  3. Use HTML to create email, wrap it in XenForo email template:
  4. Use HTML to create email, do not modify it:
    This option is similar to default HTML option, except that you can customize plain text version of email.

This add-on works well with email customizer add-on.
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Latest reviews

This plugin works wonders. I was searching for a way to send a mass email using XenForo's default (well customized by another great plugin from Arty) email template. This one delivers just that.