Unmaintained VigLink 2018-07-26

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By disabling Convert, some links, for instance Thread Tools would break. This has been resolved.
It had been brought to my attention that how my user groups options were set up that it would not work as intended.

This newest update uses the inverse of the original options, so now you choose the user groups that you want to disable VigLink Insert or VigLink Convert for. So please make sure to double check your options for which User Groups are disabled.

Here's a quick example of where the original options would not have worked correctly. If you had a User that was in both Registered (the User Group that most users are a part of) and Admin, and you selected to Enable Convert or Insert for All User Groups but Admin. VigLink would still work work for said user, since he is in the Registered User Group.

So by making it look for those User Groups to disable VigLink you can select Admin, and it will indeed be disabled for them.
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  • Updated to template modifications over using template hooks
  • Added the option to disable VigLink for posts authored by select User Groups
Fixed Logic for User Groups