[SolidMean] ForumBackup

[SolidMean] ForumBackup 1.3.01

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- Fixed a bug in the admin template that PHP 7.1 was not playing nicely with.
- Fixed a bug with the options not displaying correctly for non-english installations.
- Added option to follow symbolic links in the code backup.
- Increased the maximum number of backup copies from 100 to 9999.
- Added Bzip2 support, See Miscellaneous options tab.
- New cron task to clean up any left over config files. Runs once a month.
- A notice will be displayed in the options if there are any orphaned configuration files. This may indicate that backups are not finishing.

Github updated at: https://github.com/SneakyDave/xfForumBackup
02/19.2916: Version 1.2.01 (cron task change)
- Fixed issue of cron tasks being rewritten when addon is updated.
This fix includes removing the addons original cron tasks, and replacing them with cron tasks assigned to an unassigned addon. This way,
the cron tasks won't be removed and recreated when the addon is updated. The new cron tasks are removed when the addon is uninstalled.

NOTE: After installation, PLEASE verify that your cron tasks named "ForumBackup / Database" and "ForumBackup / Code" are set to the times that you'd like them to run. The cron tasks are set to run at server time.
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- Added support for future Google Drive
- Rewrote code that instantiated the SFTP extension class to make it more similar to other extensions.
- Added options to choose whether or not to compress the database backup and/or code backup file(s).

This will be the minimum version required for the future Google Drive extension.
11/25/2015: Version 1.1.9a (minor email bug fix)
- Changed the email function to work like stock XenForo by using using XenForo's "Default Email Sender Name" if available.
- Allow the addon's "inactive board message" to function like the default XenForo "inactive board message". It now supports same tags as the default.
- If no custom "inactive board message" is entered, it will default to use the default inactive board message.
- Added the board title to the "From" name on the email that is generated when the backup has completed.
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09/01/2015: Version 1.1.8 (bug fix)
- Fix a bug where code backups didn't honor how many backup copies to keep
- Add additional debug comments to help identify problems with file creation.
This fixes a bug introduced in version 1.1.7. Anybody using version 1.1.7 should upgrade to this release version. The version number is the same, there is just a small change to the SolidMean/ForumBackup/CronEntry/Backup.php file.
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08/07/2015: Version 1.1.7
  • Added option for code backups to exclude specific items relative to the forum root.
  • Added support for the ForumBackup DropBox add-on
- Fixed issue with database passwords with special characters generating empty backups. Thanks to @tdubs and @xenboostmike for help with this.
- Added asserts for the exec() php function prior to doing any backups. This is done at installation time, but on a host/server change, this check wasn't being done.
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12/17/2014: Version 1.1.5
- Rearranged some code so that if the forums are closed while the backups are going on, they'll open up immediately after the backup is complete. Previously, they were closed until the backups were created, verified, old backup files were removed, and email notification sent.
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