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[SolidMean] ForumBackup 1.3.01

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12/10/2014: Version 1.1.4 (added functionality for SFTP addon)
- Added support for ForumBackup SFTP Options
- Made backup file name more flexible.

This version adds support for the ForumBackup SFTP add-on. It also adds a small enhancement for the backup file name noted here:

No other changes were made.
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- Added pigz compression options. Make sure your server supports this utility before using it. gzip is still the default, but pigz can yield much better performance. This addition also resulted in breaking out the tar and compression routines to catch errors better.
- Added --ignore-failed-read parameter to tar. Some sites that use cPanel (or similar tool) couldn't read some of the protected files when the backup was executed, and it would fail. This option skips any files that the backup process can't read.
- Fixed bug whereby the backup would only send emails of completions to the board owner, not the email chosen in the add-on options.
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Release 1.1.2
10/03/2014: Version 1.1.2 (bug fix)
- Fixed small bug where the database was always being backed up, whether or not that choice was selected in the options.
- Fixed a regression bug whereby the ForumBackup maintenance message overwrote the default maintenance message.
- Fixed bug found by @Adam H whereby the board was still closed for backup even if it was closed for maintenance by admin. This resulted in the backup re-opening the board without the admin knowing. This can also be a problem for boards that are closed for long periods of time, the backup process will reopen them. Backups will now only close and re-open the board if the board is already initially open.
- Made enabling/disabling the board more code re-usable.
This release is a cleanup of some code, not really any new functionality, but if you haven't already included the "--single-transaction" option in my database backup, this version includes that.

09/23/2014: Version 1.1.1 (code cleanup, --single-transaction)
- Added --single-transaction to the mysqldump output params to help innodb table processing, suggested by @rainmotorworks.
- Rewrote some procedural code as better OOP.
- The datetime stamp for the code backup is more accurate.
- Made the README file more accurate.
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This version splits out the cron entry into 2 separate ones. Make sure to visit your options and update accordingly!

09/18/2014: Version 1.1.0
- Separated the cron processes for database and code backups. There are now 2 cron entires (database and code) that can be scheduled at different times.
- Added email option
- Improved install routine.
- Added separate options to turn off forum for database and code.
- Made sure everything is fully phrased.
- Added a P option to the tar archive of the code backup to fix the "Removing leading `/' from member names" warning, as suggested by @Mr. Goodie2Shoes.
- Fixed a bug with large file sizes, as reported by @Robru. File size is checked to see if it is exactly 0 bytes, rather than checking for sizes greater than 0 bytes.
- Fixed a small bug with writing to the debug file (duplicitious /)
- Removed superfluous validation code on the filename that @Robru reported.
This fixes a problem with an error generated by 1.0.2: "SolidMean_ForumBackup_Option_Copies' for option 'SolidMeanForumBackupCopies' is not valid."

No other changes were made.
09/15/2014: Version 1.0.2
- Cleaned up some option processing code and validation.
- Cleaned up the install routine for future use.
- Putting the board in maintenance mode is now optional.
- Better organization of the admin options (tabs added).
09/14/2014: Version 1.0.1
- Added option to only update database and/or forum root.
- Added separate options of the number of copies to keep for database and code backups.
- Better verification of the backups being created. Backup file existence and file length are checked for validity.
- Fixed bug of board not being turned back on if backup fails.
- Errors in mysqldump or the tar/gzip will now be exported to the debug file, if enabled.