1. asprin

    XF 2.1 Run a piece of code after "x" minutes/hours, what would be the best way to achieve it?

    Use case scenario: I'm building an addon which will allow certain limited users to create a new record of a custom entity (let's call this entity Foo). The create form has a date time field where the user will select a value (always a date in future) and will be in Y-m-d hh:mm format which then...
  2. VBX Co

    Not a bug User group promotions - running every hour (at 20 mins past), NOT every 20 mins as stated in other threads

    We searched the forums to see how often user group promotions were expected to happen and found mention of every 20 mins in several posts. When we checked our sites the cron is set to run at 20 mins past the hour; not every 20 mins. Was this changed at some point or is an oversight/bug?
  3. Sim

    CLI Job / Cron Runner 2.1.0

    This XenForo 2.2 addon implements an advanced CLI triggered job runner for use with Unix cron as a replacement for the built-in xf:run-jobs command introduced in XF 2.2 The command is called hg:run-jobs and does the same thing that xf:run-jobs does, but with more options and functionality...
  4. SyTry

    XF 2.1 My CRON are not running

    Hello, I have a problem with my forum in XF 2.1 latest version. My CRON are not running, the date is 23 march 2020 but today is the 08 april 2020. I don't have any error nor warning, only noticed this. I can run my CRON manually and it work great, but the date don't change.. EDIT : PHP...
  5. Sim

    CLI Job Runner for XF 2.1 1.5.0

    This XenForo 2.x addon gives you the option to disable the browser triggered job runner and instead use a CLI triggered job runner for use with Unix cron. Requirements This addon requires PHP 7.0 or higher and has been tested on XenForo 2.1.10 This version is not compatible with XenForo v2.2...
  6. PaulB

    As designed Cron task run frequencies reset on each upgrade

    Exactly what the title says. Each time an update is performed, all the cron task run frequencies reset to default.
  7. Hugilore111

    XF 1.4 Cron don't work!

    Hi guys If the manual start of the crown it works removes records db But If I make time to run automatically, it does not work. Where can be the problem?
  8. Cupara

    XF 2.0 Cron Query

    So this is where I have ended up after days of trying. What I am doing is using JSON to gather data from another site then inserting that into the database. This will happen only once, then there will be a daily check that will check for specific updates to the data and update the entry once a...
  9. Cupara

    XF 2.0 Creating Cron File

    I have the following in my cron file: class Guild { public static function Realms() { .....code here..... } } I'm getting an error regarding expecting { after class. Do I need to extend something similar to AbstractJob as I did in XF1?
  10. KhanTastic

    XF 2.0 XenForo has any cron job system?

    Hi friends, I am new to this beautiful software, loving it just installed verison 2 and works perfect. I did search here before posting about cron job, but got some random posts and really can not understand if I have to setup a cron job for my board or no need its built in etc? Appreciate...
  11. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 user change log - constantly changing user groups?

    hey, i was wondering if someone could answer this question for me. i've noticed that in the 'user change log' of xf that almost all users are changing user groups fairly constantly. here's an example: not all, but a lot of the changes are occurring at twenty minutes after the hour, which...
  12. jauburn

    As designed Cron entries continue to run when board is closed by Admin

    Apparently cron entries continue to run when the board is closed by the Admin. See this:
  13. S

    Cron times for addon overwritten on upgrades

    I have a forum backup addon that backs up the database and code base at different times set (loosely) by the time that the cron task runs via deferred.php Users of the addon set the time the crons should run based on what their forum requires, but on every upgrade of the addon, the cron times...
  14. jauburn

    XF 1.5 User group promotion not working

    I created a user group promotion rule that promotes all registered members into a group that I created. Here are the parameters I've set up: Seems simple enough, but here's the problem: Not all registered members end up with the newly created user group checked in the Secondary User Groups...
  15. enivid

    Add-on Automatic Activation Email Resender/User Purger

    Hello! I need an add-on that would automatically resend activation link emails to users that did not activate within 7 days after registration, and automatically delete those users that did not activate within 14 days after registration. It should work via Xenforo's cron. Please let me know...
  16. Liam W

    As designed Crons from disabled add-on not 'disabled'.

    While they don't run (they don't have any next run time text), they're still checked as enabled. This confused me for a few moments :) Liam
  17. S

    Unmaintained [SolidMean] ForumBackup 1.3.01

    If this addon is useful to you, please consider donating any amount. About This is a great option for sites that currently don't have a scheduled backup routine in place for their XenForo installation. This addon, once installed, will backup your database and/or forum directory as 2 separate...
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