Change Author

Change Author 3.0

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Change Author v3.0 changes:

Added Enhanced Search support.
Change Author v2.9 changes:

Updated PHP code.
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Change Author v2.8 changes:

Improved PHP code relating to ElasticSearch index update.
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Change Author v2.7 changes:

Now verifying if forum has the "Count messages posted in this forum toward user total" checked or unchecked and updates message counts accordingly.
Change Author v2.6 changes.

The Search and Postings tab in the Profile Page are now updated properly.
Change Author v2.5 changes:

Forgot to change the version number on the previous update.
Change Author v2.4 changes:

The Recent Activity is now properly updating if the thread starter author is changed.
Change Author v2.3 changes:

Now properly updates the Recent Activity.
Change Author v2.2 changes:

Message count now properly updated for original author and new author.
Change Author v2.1 changes:

Now properly updates the last post information while viewing the forum list.