Change Author

Change Author 3.0

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Change Author v2.0 changes:

Now properly updates all data.
Change Author v1.9

The search indexes for both ElasticSearch and default search are now properly updated.
Change Author v1.8 now properly updates search index. Also updates Elastic Search index if Enhanced Search is being used.
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Change Author v1.7 changes

1) Message count now properly adjusted.
Two bug fixes for Change Author v.16

1) Last Message username (in forum view) is now being updated even if only only one post in thread.

2) xf_attachment_data.user_id is now being updated
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Change Author v1.5 changes:

1) Added user group permissions
2) Made all phrases start with changeauthor_
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Fixed incorrect display of post number during confirmation.
Added missing phrase.
Added option to allow up to three admins to run this add-on.
Fixed input box and added Autocomplete.
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