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[DBTech] Product Manager 2.0.0

Manage your DragonByte products under one single AdminCP tab.

  1. DragonByte Tech
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    XenForo v1.5.3+, PHP 5.6+
    Visible Branding:
    DragonByte Product Manager is a companion to your existing DragonByte products, allowing you to not only have a separate AdminCP tab for DragonByte products, but also quickly and easily see if there are any updates to your products and the status of your licenses.


    The mod works entirely in the back-end, by creating a new AdminCP menu tab as well as creating a new splash screen to see information about your DragonByte product licenses. You will be able to see the license status (active or expired, with a direct link to the "renew license" page if your product is expired), the currently installed version, as well as the latest version found @ DragonByte-Tech.com.
    Hovering over the license status will tell you when your license expires ("Never" if you have a Lifetime license).

    An optional cron job will check for updates every Wednesday, allowing you to easily download any updates via a single click. You can disable this automatic update check and instead manually check for updates via a button on the license information splash screen.

    Data Transmission

    This modification will transmit data back to DragonByte Technologies servers when checking for updates.

    For every product you have installed, the license key associated with your product along with your website URL is sent back to our server.

    If you would prefer not to transmit this data to us, you can either choose not to install this modification, or turn off automatic update checking and never click the "Check For Updates" button.


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