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[DBTech] Product Manager - Manage your DragonByte products under one single AdminCP tab.

DragonByte Product Manager is a companion to your existing DragonByte products, allowing you to not only have a separate AdminCP tab for DragonByte products, but also quickly and easily see if there are any updates to your products and the status of your licenses.


The mod works entirely in the back-end, by creating a new AdminCP menu tab as well as creating a new splash screen to see information about your DragonByte product licenses. You will be able to see the...
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DragonByte Tech

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Hmmm, this sounds awful familar. :p
Sorry I'm not sure what you're referring to, is there another product here @ XF that does something similar for another company or something? :confused:

The only reason why we released this is that with the growing number of XenForo products, we figured people might appreciate not having to dig through the Application menu to find our stuff, and since almost all of our products are paid, we might as well throw in some (completely optional) license management features too :)


DragonByte Tech

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Please can you add option for check for update all Installed Add-ons?
do you mean all add-ons from all developers that you installed? then why not using @Chris D 's add-on?
Yeah, I too would recommend using one of the other product version checkers if you are looking for a "every mod you have installed" upgrade checker.

With this product, we're purely interested in making the experience smoother for licensed customers by making it so that you can easily download new versions without having to manually go to your client area @ DBTech and go through all the steps to download.

In the future, we'll be looking at adding auto installer capabilities like the Add-On Install & Upgrade product.



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@DragonByte Tech as a new version available to download, I wanted to try downloading from here, but this is what I see:


If I click on red color X link, it displays an error message on your site: Invalid Product: 0

Am I missing something?