[DBTech] Product Manager

[DBTech] Product Manager 2.0.1

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I use one of the existing modification version checkers. Why should I use this mod?

If you have multiple DragonByte products installed, you may have noticed that you have a lot of entries in your "Applications" tab menu. This mod will primarily allow you to instead have a dedicated AdminCP tab for the pages belonging to DragonByte products, rather than lumping them all in under Applications.

I don't want to use the update checker. Can I still use the new AdminCP tab?

Absolutely. If you turn off the cron job via the Options for this mod, and never click to check for updates, the new AdminCP tab will work for all current and future products without any issue.

Why are my products not showing in the list?

You will need to re-download every DragonByte product you have installed, and re-import the product XML file from the downloaded zip file. Older versions other than the very latest versions are not supported at this time, so if your license has already lapsed you will unfortunately not be able to take advantage of the license information aspect of this mod.

How often does the cron job run?

The cron job will run once per week, around 00:00 Wednesday. This is because we release our product updates somewhere between 23:00 Monday and 01:00 Tuesday (GMT), so leaving the version check for another full day will make sure there are no pesky time zone problems while minimising the performance impact of checking for new updates.
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