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Users of macOS can recognize this feature: software with auto-checking update allows user skip this version if user don't interested in update, and application will not remind of an existing update until a new version is released.

I request a similar feature for notice on ACP index:

We're not interested in installing a 2.2.7 patch 1 because we're running PHP 7.4. I'm sure it might be useful in the future with some XF updates that we're not interested in.
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@Chris D, this notice causes irritation by its presence on the main. Also another administrator asked me three days ago, why i ignore this update and don't install. I want hide notice for everyone, but only for this version (2.2.7 patch 1). And i think it can be useful, if we may have built-in feature for ignoring some versions.
If you don't want to display the message, just do the update. It's very simple and really doesn't take that long.
... not that an ACP message bothers me (I mean, seriously, it's in the ACP, how bothersome can it really be?!) but I think this will be the first version I ever skip (for just one site though) until the editor copy-paste issue with images is resolved. For an image heavy site that particular issue will draw the ire of the community.
until the editor copy-paste issue with images is resolved
Yes that seems understandable enough. It doesn't make much sense to recommend an update that has such a sensitive bug. So it's not that silly to suggest a simple button that gives the option to bypass an update.
... not that an ACP message bothers me (I mean, seriously, it's in the ACP, how bothersome can it really be?!)
If you're actively monitoring the ACP index, it can get pretty distracting, especially as the amount of pages you manage grows. The place is generally reserved for things that require immediate attention, so it should be used for that only.

I wouldn't classify 2.2.7 PL 1 as something that requires immediate attention if you're on 2.2.7 already and running a supported version of php 7.4+), so skipping instead of sending my site into a downtime (regardless of how short) seems like a more appropriate solution.

It's not something that everybody needs, but it's also not something that will require hours of dev time to get it done, so a quick quality of life feature that helps keep the ACP index organized. There's plenty of reason to hold back on upgrading or skipping versions.
I don't find just leaving an upgrade notice in the ACP until I am ready to do it to be a problem. I always upgrade and test in my dev first so it inevitably happens that the upgrade notice sits for a few days in prod. That said, I'm pretty much "flying solo" as the admin and don't have to worry about other admins (there are two others but they generally leave tech stuff like upgrades to me). I guess it's no big issue for me either way. If it benefits someone and doesn't affect those of us who don't plan to use it, probably no harm.

EDIT: One thought, though. If there is a "Skip this version" button, it should be disabled if the update is flagged as containing critical security updates or something. Or there should be an indication of whether the update contains them. Basically, if not applying an update, whether it's a point level upgrade or a PL, opens your site up to a security risk, you need to know that before "skipping".
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