XF 2.0 Import from vb 3.8 moderator roles not applied


I must say, the first test import from a fairly large established Vbull 3.8 forum to Xenforo 2 was absolutely first class. Very easy and a thorough import.

Everything went well, all major aspects seem to be working correctly.

The only thing Ive noticed is that our moderators and admins have not been imported over with the correct permissions. Not a big issue but just thought I’d mention it, might well be a bug?

Thanks - super impressed with the migration so far.
Permissions are imported on a 'best effort' case but occasionally, specific set ups may throw some things off.

For that reason, it is always recommended to double check and test permissions, making changes as necessary, after importing.
I'd completely agree.

Generally speaking conversions are not by any means an 'exact science' in that it is not possible to precislely match up permissions and settings between different platforms as they all do vary to some degree.

I say this having done quite a few conversions between different software's over the years, so I am aware of what I am saying! :)

It is always always recommended to once you have converted to spend some minutes examining permissions and settings for groups as well as nodes/forums. The conversion as @Brogan has said will always do its best to match up what it can but there are going to be instances where it cannot do this as there is no equivalent setting

The relatively short time spent dealing with any changes to permissions and settings is time very well spent to ensure that the converted site runs smoothly. Consider it no different to doing a cleanup.
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