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Sheldon submitted a new resource:

User/Alert/Inbox Replacement - Shorten the Visitor NabTab

Based on the Template Modification I released earlier.

This comes with Style Property options to turn on/off any of the three main tabs displayed:
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A few of the combinations:
View attachment 66625 View attachment 66625
View attachment 66627 View attachment 66628

Suggestion: Do not use with UI.X, it would be better to just use the template modification I linked to for that (username).

This is my first official "Add-On", so be...

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Works great!! i found another bug in the first package but it must have been related since its also fixed now..

Love the way it looks on my phone.
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Was using the Template Modification before but since Xenforo Core TM isnt Style based this is perfect.
Thanks a lot for releasing this!

btw.. maybe an option to set own Font Awesome Icons with changing it´s size too would be nice. Thanks
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Now if you could do this for the main nav bar to replace with font awesome icons I would worship at your feet ;)
Well I suppose so , would it not be possible for any nav tab to be given the same treatment? I say this as a person who is on page 57 of a teach yourself html5:)
How? Now the css will load from a external site but what happens with your style if the site go down?
You can change the XML before installing. But don't worry. Right now it loaded from font awesome CDN so change for the site to down are really unlikely.
I don't have access to all themes. I can't say 100% yes. Most, it will likely work. I do not suggest using it with UI.X obviously.
With firefox this is what it looks like in my site :unsure:


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