1. Saarbruecken

    View IP-Addresses permission for non Super-Moderators

    Groups & Permissions > Moderators > Add Moderator > Forum Moderator > View IP Addresses I original expected, that this would only apply to the forum, the moderator has been assigned to. But apparently they now can see anyone's ip address at the whole forum and Members Online list. Is this a bug...
  2. XFA

    Extended Moderation and Banning - XF2 4.1.0

    Description Push your moderator abilities to the next level ! Thanks for this new add-on, your moderators get access to a new set of actions, hence off-loading your admin tasks and giving higher reactivity ! User Blocking Feature With 3 increasing levels of action: Thread reply bans (default...
  3. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Moderator Panel

    AndrewSimm submitted a new resource: [Andrew] Moderator Panel - Expands Xenforo's existing moderator options into a more power moderator panel Read more about this resource...
  4. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.9.4

    [Andrew] Moderator Panel provides moderators enhanced visibility into user behavior and additional moderator features. The thought is that by providing better visibility to warnings, reports, thread bans, and ignores, moderators will be able to identify problem users faster and will rely less in...
  5. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Soft Deletion Requires Reason 1.0

    [Andrew] Soft Deletion Requires Reason requires moderators or admins to enter a reason when deleting a post or thread. This addon updates the reason field to "required='true'". Features: Require reason when deleting post or thread Permissions: Delete any thread or post without reason (Forum...
  6. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Banned Users List 1.1.0

    [Andrew] Banned Users List provides a basic list off banned users with the following columns: User name (banned user) Ban started Ban ends (Displays "Never" if the ban is permanent) Banned by Reason Widgets: Recent bans Admin Options: Hide users banned for spam One of the following must be...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Hide staff, admin and moderator posts 1.0.0

    NOTE: This add-on will not be updated and supported for XenForo 2.2 Description: Permission and forum based option to hide staff, admin and moderator posts. Features: hide staff, admin and moderator post to user groups based on permissions hidden post has a phrased notice (check phrase...
  8. Kruzya

    Implemented Ability see user activity if user hided activity

    As in thread title said, i want as administrator / moderator can see, what user doing right now. Currently, if user hides own activity, moderator/administrator see only last date activity.
  9. Chernabog

    XF 2.1 Even as Administrator with full access I do not see Approval Queues for add-ons or forum messages

    It just doesn't seem like something is working right - so any help someone could give would be greatly appreciated. I am set up as the administrator, my administrator has all privs both regular and moderator - however I do not see any approval queues. If I go in and add myself as the forum...
  10. R

    Not a bug "Start conversation" button missing for moderator

    I'm a moderator for a forum. There is no "start conversation" button. So, I can't send any private messages. Any ideas about the cause?
  11. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Log All Moderator Actions 2.3.0

    This add-on is shared with the Xenforo community for free without branding. Donations are welcome by just liking this add-on or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This add-on will make it possible to log all moderation related actions to the log, even if the user isn't a real moderator...
  12. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 How to add entry to moderator log?

    I have an addon which I want to log some actions to the moderator log. For example, AbstractController has been extended with some actions. When the user uses one of these actions I want to write something to the moderator log. Is there a service for this, or could someone please point me in the...
  13. Y

    Add-on Moderator message editing

    Xenforda Is it possible to put the limit of message editing to moderators? I want to cancel the moderator to edit messages before a certain time. For example, the moderator can only edit messages from the last 10 days. You cannot edit messages older than 10 days. Is there such a plugin?
  14. Mr. Jinx

    Group membership moderators

    Mr. Jinx submitted a new resource: Group Membership Moderators - Add group membership moderators to your forum Read more about this resource...
  15. Naz

    Group membership moderators 2.2.1

    This add-on is shared with the Xenforo community for free without branding. Donations are welcome by just liking this add-on or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This addon will make it possible to assign 'Group Moderators' to your forum. A group moderator is able to view / add / remove...
  16. P

    Not a bug Admin CP -> Groups and Persmissions -> Moderators - timout while loading

    I have a forum with 1500+ nodes. There are also quite some moderators for those forums. When i go to "Admin PC > Groups and Permissions -> Moderators" then page times out and i get the familiar PHP error of 30 seconds execution time. It most often time out in src/XF/Extensions.php but also in...
  17. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Warning Logs 2017-12-23

    This add-on will give the admin and moderators the ability to keep track with ease of all the warnings given in his/her forum from one place in the Forum Admin Panel. By doing this, administrators could catch up with their forum’s condition immediately. You can searching the warning log by your...
  18. arj

    How do you set moderators for a subforum?

    Hi there - how do you set moderators for a subforum? At the moment, if I add the user to MODERATING group, it has all permissions but would ideally like it to moderate one subforum only! :) TIA!
  19. Mr. Jinx

    Add-on Group Manager / Moderator

    Anyone interested in developing an add-on that can make selected users 'manager of a group' ? I have posted the details in another thread, but didn't get much reaction so far. For details, please see:
  20. Codeless

    XF 1.5 Moderation option change

    Can someone tell me how to change ACTION option by default its on Do Nothing where i can make Default approve ?
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