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I would like this ability too :) Being able to assign an individual the ability to add and or remove members from a group would save me a fair bit of work :)

Mr. Jinx

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It is currently a private add-on someone developed for me (paid). I will share it somewhere but then it comes with no support what so ever. I have to ask the author first anyway if I may share this.
Are you looking for XF1.5 or 2.0? This thing works for 1.5.
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S Thomas

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That's probably because there are no public groups in XF - groups only have a technical purpose, thus, only admins should be able to mess up with that directly (and staff members to a certain degree).


Close but no banana.

Would prefer the ability to assign a user the ability to addand or remove people from a group directly.

All these other addons have been discussed and put aside. Would really like to see what Jinx came up with