Lack of interest Replace Add Moderator in the ACP with options in the User Group Permissions

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It seems that the Add Moderator function only shows the Tool bar to whoever is added. But it does not give any added permission outside of what is defined in the User Groups.


So why not just add those Show toolbar or View Approval queue options directly in the User Group Permissions? Then you can scrap the ACP Add Moderator function.

Approval Queue.jpg

I would think this would resolve some confusion, and add flexibility to who gets what privileges.

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The way XF is set up means that you have to "Add Moderator" in order to assign permissions if/when they apply only to parts of your overall board (i.e. to only selected individual nodes/forums). Any permissions applied at user group level are board-wide (so, in effect, "Super Moderator" permissions). It's XFs biggest ongoing flaw in my opinion. When you have around 200 combinations of Moderator<>Node (as we do) it makes maintenance a very tedious job.
You can give required permissions in group. For nodes you need duplicate everywhere, this is inconvenient, I agree.
I thought twice about the «Copy Permissions» feature for forum moderators section in ACP.
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