XF 2.1 What permissions or functionality not extended when moderator not added to staff mod group


This is not about why it's done this way, or presentation, just want to know what's the difference.

There is the moderator user group in user account. And the staff moderator section (super mod).

If I put a user in mod user group, but NOT in the staff moderator section, what rights/powers are NOT extended to that user?

Why asking? Because I'm thinking about promoting a couple users to moderator, but it seems all the powers I typically think I'm using are within the 'yes, no, never' area of the moderator user group. So, kinda confused what rights I'm invoking as super mod that aren't covered by the user group. I'd like to know what other powers I'm giving my new moderators. Thanks.


It seems I asked my question prematurely. I thought super mod was a static assignment. I'm just now seeing all the checkboxes within each user. This adds to my confusion. Lots of those per user checkboxes seem to repeat the user group choices. I probably need to take this offline and sort out a bit more on my own.


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Permissions are cumulative.

They can be set at the user, user group, and node level and any combination of the three.
Members inherit permissions from any group they are a member of.

There are links in my signature to resources which explain it.
It's also covered in the manual.