Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.4.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
A Discord server, XenForo 2.1.0+, PHP 7.2+
You may not redistribute the files in whole or in part. You may not rent, lease, loan, sub-license, sell, assign, pledge, transfer or otherwise dispose of the files in any form without prior consent.
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Yearly renewal
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Discord Integration allows you to establish a connection and manage your Discord server from the comfort of the XenForo Admin Control Panel. This is a free upgrade if you already own an active license to the original Discord Integration.


Demo: Available here with auto-join, syncing, mirrored alerts and thread notifications enabled.

  • Allows for XenForo user groups to be synced with Discord server roles. Essentially this allows you to automate the giving and removing of Discord server roles based on the groups that a XenForo user is part of. Users can associate their Discord identities with their XenForo usernames to establish a sync.
  • Discord nicknames can also be updated to match forum names.
  • New for XenForo 2.x: Allow the bot to show up as online and display a custom status message.
  • Manage your Discord instance from the ACP.
  • Allow your users to register and sign up via Discord.
  • Send alerts to connected users and channels via the ACP.
  • Automatically post links to threads from XenForo forums to defined Discord channels as soon as they're posted. The user who posted the thread, the thread title, a short snippet and a link to the thread are included in the message.
    • This is set on a per-forum basis allowing you to fine-tune what channels should get the notifications.
  • New for XenForo 2.x: Automatically post links to resources from XenForo Resource Manager to defined Discord channels as soon as they're posted. The user who posted the resource, the resource title, a short snippet and a link to the resource are included in the message.
    • This is set on a per-category basis allowing you to fine-tune what channels should get the notifications.
    • Resource updates will also be posted to the same channel.
  • Allow staff members with permission to 'promote' links to threads to Discord channels.
  • Allow users to receive watch notifications from forums and threads they specify (in addition to emails and alerts). They will receive these notifications privately from your configured bot. There are plans for future expansion with 1-to-1 communication with the bot.
  • New for XenForo 2.x: The bot can now send XenForo alerts and conversations straight to your Discord DMs. All types of alerts are supported out of the box with zero configuration required.
    • Users can opt-out of this behaviour by adjusting the appropriate setting within their Account Preferences area.
  • Support for Report Centre Essentials to add notifications for new open reports and when the total number of open reports reaches a certain threshold.
A detailed installation guide is located here.

Allowing the bot to appear online:
This is a slightly more advanced feature that you'll need to setup yourselves. Eventually, I hope to expand this part of the add-on but until then, a rough set of steps can be found here.
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.4.2

    Fix an issue preventing new thread reply notifications from being sent to Discord.
  2. Version 2.4.0

    Add the ability to automatically add users to your Discord server when they first associate...
  3. Version 2.3.1

    Make sure opt-out column is dropped on uninstall.

Latest reviews

This add-on is mostly broken, which is ashame because NixFifty makes some decent add-ons when they work. Some users simply don't sync, others receive server errors although nothing is written to the error log.

Support hasn't been timely. I want a refund.
Discord is a massively popular chat app, and this add-on allows pushing new thread and reports notifications via Discord. This is massively better than email notification, and the Discord app's alert setting are just so much better than native push notifications.

Great work!
Great add-on, quick to help with any issues you might run into. You can't go wrong if you're looking for a Discord plugin as this was my first and it was a breeze setting up.
NixFifty's Discord Integration is the one I've settled with. I've used them all, and the other plugin's support is either lazy and doesn't care or makes you feel belittled for simple questions.

If you want a great Discord integration plugin for your Xen site I highly suggest this one. There's a few small quality of life edits that I've suggested like adding the user's Discord username automatically in the username field and editing the automatic post to Discord, but other than that it's probably the best one. I've fought for answers with the other Discord Integration plugin developers and NixFifty hasn't ever given me an issue.
The add-on itself is quite useful if you have the desire to control your discord through xenforo. Nice that it also syncs role directly rather than waiting on a cron to do it for you with the ability that it will not override your custom discord roles.

Great to have new threads notifications, but shame it lacks new replies in thread notifications. Overall, while being a great system I feel like it's also lacking in functions. Such as a 2-way role sync feature, which I might add I had to pay extra to for it to be included.

After fully testing the system, I wasn't fully satisfied with it and wanted to have a refund (with of course me removing all the source files) as their policy did did mention they have a "reasonable" refund policy (but also did mentioned the right to refuse it) as you can't really always test a system properly without you testing it to an extend to see if its the right product for you and the forums.

I was flat out refused a refund, even when I gave my reasoning. As such giving it a 3 star.

The discord add-on is great to a specific extend, don't get me wrong there. But I just felt like it wasn't complete (hence the refund), but flat out refusing the refund feels like a hit and run to me.
Works exactly as it's supposed to, no complaints! Had an issue in the beginning but it after a quick ticket I was able to get it resolved (was something on my end!). Overall, a really great addition to my Forums, I'm happy with it.
This add-on does what we need. Allows us to sync specific user groups to roles in discord.

Nixifty even added a feature upon request to allow us more convenient use of the add-on.

The only improvement I would make is to allow syncing in either direction on a per role basis.
Switched from another addon to this during my 1.x -> 2.x upgrade.

Has a lot more features and my users love the discord alert messages. Nix also fixed a small problem I had with it and updated it with in a day.
This plugin only syncs group changes made via the AdminCP when editing the user. We can't find a way to sync the groups when automated promotions happen. I reached out to the dev about this issue, however they stopped replying to my support ticket.

So it DOES sync groups if you go in and manually make the change, but doesn't appear to sync changes made outside of that.
Apologies, missed this while I was travelling. The issue is with your other add-on, not this one and specifically the way it is adding groups. This add-on syncs groups whenever they are edited. I'm not entirely clear on how the other add-on performs its functions but referring the developer to the api wrapper that's bundled in the add-on should be enough. It contains methods to update associated Discord users.
Great plugin and really beneficial to our community. We really recommend using this plugin, have been waiting for this!