Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.7.8

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  • Add initial support for cross-posting content to Discord forum channels.
  • If a DM from the site to a user fails due to a lack of permissions, disable the feature and send a site alert.
  • Cache server object to reduce database queries.
  • Add option to log when Discord rate limits are being hit.
  • Add option to log when Discord is hitting permission failures.
  • Adjust retry times to avoid clock skew.
  • Fix the wrong user being linked to a conversation DM.
  • Other assorted API wrapper code improvements.
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  • Improve tracking of the nf_discord_account_connected flag.
  • Ensure the Discord queue is dequeued on add-on uninstall.
  • Fix error when trying to access the users API endpoint.
  • Fix error when there is a queued job but the API is unavailable.
  • Fix "Kick from Discord server on dissociation" not working as expected.
  • Fix "Enable syncing of XenForo bans with Discord bans" being ignored when a ban was deleted.
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  • Fix missing route for associated groups.
  • Add widget to display current number of online users in a specified Discord server.
  • Minor improvements and cleanup for syncing.
  • Improve PHP 8.1 compatibility when all Discord servers have been disabled.
  • Track account being connected to Discord within user change log.
  • Fix error during upgrade when no valid Discord servers are setup.
  • Fix bad default for xf_forum table when add-on is disabled.
  • Fix uninstaller.
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  • Add option for additional servers to be disabled.
  • Add option to kick users based on user group membership.
  • Add option to kick users when they disassociate from Discord.
  • When viewing server details, display current permissions for the bot user to aid troubleshooting.
  • Various improvements to sync process and error handling.
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  • Adjust column types for various columns to account for older MySQL versions.
  • Fix "Include replies made to threads" option not being set.
  • Fix "Enable syncing of XenForo bans with Discord bans" was not respected.
  • Fix new/re-opened report notifications being flipped.
  • Add support for multiple servers that can be used as notification targets.
  • Use a background queue to dispatch Discord notifications to avoid blocking sending alerts and encountering rate limiting.
  • Significant rework of role syncing to be more reliable.
  • Use background queue for role syncing.
  • Add a new option to sync avatars from Discord.
  • Add support for Discord server events to the API wrapper.
  • Add support for Xon's Threadmarks add-on.
  • Fix incorrect function visibility for some extended methods.
  • Trigger new thread notifications on moving threads, and copying/moving posts to new threads.
  • When uninstalling the add-on, ensure the connected account provider is actually removed.
  • Fix "Link Discord account" permission could cause the "Connected accounts" button to be flaky.
  • Update dependencies for the companion NodeJS bot.
  • Import native functions.
  • Improve performance and efficiency when syncing.
  • Ensure channel list isn't serving a stale cache of channels.
  • When inviting the bot to your server, pre-select the server on the server list.
  • Compatibility fix with Report Centre Essentials v2.6.0+
  • When notifying a channel about a new report, include additional metadata.
  • Fix an issue with Tickets to Discord notifications.
  • Fix notification handling for content created by guest users.
  • Fix an issue where syncing with users in a paid Discord role would silently fail.
  • Add support for Tickets add-on.
  • Add an option for users to disable alerts from being sent to their Discord DMs.
  • Add an option for users to disable conversation notifications from being sent to their Discord DMs.
  • Add an option for admins to apply registration defaults for Discord alert and conversation notifications.
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php, or known global functions to avoid a current namespace lookup for the function.
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