Discord Integration

Discord Integration 2.7.8

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  • Make sure opt-out column is dropped on uninstall.
  • Allow users to opt-out of receiving specific alerts on Discord.
  • Add the ability to alert a Discord channel when resource updates are posted.
  • Add the ability to alert a Discord channel when thread replies are posted.
  • Add an icon to the option group.
  • Remove the test for WebSocket as it is no longer useful.
  • Minor improvements to the JavaScript that opens a WebSocket.
  • Throw a prettier error if the NodeJS bot isn't configured properly.
  • Handle errors from Discord’s API being down better.
  • Allow phrases to be used within alert messages to Discord channels.
  • Update bundled utils.
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  • Add ability to disable overwriting of roles to avoid conflicts with other bots that give out roles or workflows that involve manually adding and removing users from roles.
  • Do not block in API calls to Discord in various transactions.
  • Fixes for XF1.x -> XF2.x migration code path.
  • Fix extending forum watch notification sending to Discord to be compatible with Xon's Thread Starter Alerts v2.1.0+
Thanks @Xon for contributions to this release. :)
  • Only display "Automatically mirror your alerts to your Discord DMs" if the user can login to discord, and do not reset the value if the mirroring option is globally disabled.
  • Ensure Discord notifications are sent for threads that are approved.
  • Other minor compatibility tweaks.
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Big thanks to @Xon for contributions to this release! This update also adds support for Report Centre Essentials.
  • Support for Report Centre Essentials to add notifications for new open reports and when the total number of open reports reaches a certain threshold.
  • Restore support for XenForo 2.0.x and harden API error handling.
  • Migrate legacy XenForo 1 configuration to XenForo 2's connected account provider where required.
  • Cap channel alert messages at 2000 characters.
  • Implement caching (~5 minutes) of Discord channels to prevent slowing down ACP edit pages for forum/report queues.
  • Remove unused XenForo 1 templates and old JavaScript.
  • Add missing admin page for admin.php?discord.
  • Add Discord options link to admin navigation.
  • Allow connecting Discord accounts to be controlled via usergroup permissions.
  • Add an option to disable logging in with Discord and add an icon and colour for XenForo 2.1 and up.
  • Opt to use Discord specific phrases for channel and DM notifications for further customisation.
  • If Discord Integration is not configured, offer a prompt to set it up.
  • General improvements to the installer
  • Other miscellaneous code improvements and clean up.
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  • Include conversation message in alert snippet.
  • Opt not to send the alert to the person that sent the message.
  • Bug fix for node edit page causing compatibility errors.
  • If mirrored alerts is enabled, conversation notifications will also be DM'd to a user.
  • Opt to use Discord icon in the admin panel.
  • Handle API errors more gracefully.
  • Repackage the add-on after a XF 2.1 release builder bug.
  • Repackage the add-on after a XF 2.1 release builder bug.