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This is what an ideal search system should be. You can't go back after experiencing instant search results and autocomplete. Similar threads functions is a bonus. It is a well thought, well coded addon.
Xon is professional and helpful.
The support system is very bad, you wait for days after typing. I do not suggest. Think again before buying.
best plugin to buy if you looking for rewards, cheap too. fast support. great developer. great job. i love it.
Very useful . comes with two widgets. many options to choose which data to display, and its working Great. Thanks for the author.
I was really surprised by the possibilities and features of this addon. the styling is also nice and modern. the author answered fast my questions.
A very useful feature for large forums is X-Accel-Redirect. Which allows you to solve the problem of the forum, which puts all the work on php, but thanks to this function, you can transfer it to the nginx web server.
The default warnings in Xenforo can be easily missed by the recipient, and a warning that the member never sees is as good as worthless. This add-on makes warnings reliable. If you use warnings, you need to be using this add-on. In addition, the add-on allows you to ban viewing forums until a decision is made. If the user does not agree with the warning issued, then he may not agree with the warning issued and in addition there is time for the user to think.
allows you to unload the load on the database and shift it all to redis, for large forums this is a very useful feature.
A very convenient add-on allowing the administrator to get all the necessary data on the forum. Easy track stats data
A very convenient addition for sorting by errors and finding is necessary. Allows you to quickly resolve errors.
A useful addition to reduce the load on large forums. It also allows you to use LUA scripts on the server.
A well thought out and customizable addon that adds a fun piece of data to your forum statistics. Nice work!
Glad you like the addon and found it useful. Thanks for leaving a review.
I've tried a few themes for my community in one year, but these theme has something to incredible, from style properties to the Staff that are very very kind for all style questions. It's frequently update and his visual impact is phenomenal! I reccomend these theme to all users that want to offer that something extra
Thank you for review
its Great. thank you very much. This add-on in XenForo 2.1.6 works well.I hope to work together in the future.
If you want to flush your money down the toilet, go for this piece of crap.

They don't have such a thing as support. They just want to take your money and they don't give a **** if you have any issues.

I've been waiting since march 13, and the support guy shows up every few days, send some useless comments and disappears again.

I read all of your documentation and it doesn't work correctly. It had problems since day one.
This is a must have @all. Now it is so much easier to edit permissions because you can recognize the user group to be used from the usual colors. Many thanks for that.
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This is a good tool for all forums operating in the EU and should be mandatory for Xenforo in the future.
Thank you for shring this with us!
This is an extremely useful add-on. It's so easy to use if you know where to start. Answer: check your prefix settings. Add or edit a prefix and you'll see the options! 😗
Glad you like the addon and that you found it useful. Thanks for leaving a review.
I was looking for a Tapatalk replacement and @truonglv solution was a risky bet at first. But functionality has improved fast. Many of my wishes were fulfilled during the development. There are still some features missing (like polls), but at this pace I am certain this will be a go to solution. Resulting app is small, looks good and my users are happy. Highly recommended.
Great - thanks. That did the job perfectly! It removed the guests and robots from the Members - Current Visitors screen
Glad it does what you wanted and that you are happy with it. Thanks for leaving a review.