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Most useful addon for our forum. When we upgraded to XF2 I didn't realise how much our staff relied on this addon. It's seamless and the developer Xon is VERY helpful. I made the payment to get this addon ported and Xon worked closely with any issues I had and fixed them all nearly instantly. Very great to work with, also very much appreciate his work! Thanks a billion Xon. You Rock!
Excellent work Remi, I love your clean codding and wonderfull add-ons that you provide for xenforo users :)
Thank you very much for your review.
This is an excellent add-on. Great the developer. My only goal was to proxy non-SSL images to make sure my entire site was fully SSL. Thank you for making this free add-on.
A great addon with excellent support from Xon, this addon make my member more active on forum rather than before, they like it so much! thank you Xon!.
I agree with @ungovernable in that having the data reset after one month sort of defeats the purpose of the add-on. What other changes will be made if the core setting is altered? I'd like to have the data remain, but I'm unaware of the unintended implications for other forum processes.
Excellent, thanks for sharing this, works perfectly. I am migrating from a SMF 2.0 forum which has this feature which really helps to distinguish a sticky topic from a regular topic.
Works perfectly for what I needed of once per page, thanks for working on this! 😎 The override option may come in handy as a "plus" for some user groups.
Just installed at demo site to be sure it is working. For now everything seems to be okey. Many thanks for this great addons.
Perfect! Works very good ! I will share it in the post i opened in forum days ago ! Thanks again really!
Very Great program. He responds, listens, and cares. I thought this was too much at first, but seeing the extensive detail; it's worth every penny and goes way way beyond anything!
I could not be any happier with my purchase. It is worth every penny, very easy setup, with awesome support. Highly Recommend Purchasing if you are interested.
This is a great addon if you have paid members -- It reminds them to renew which is great and improves renewal rate!!
Excellent guide, the steps are very easy to follow, tested in 3 different custom styles and it works very well.
Steve F
Steve F
Thanks for the review!
Awesome addon! A must-have for communities with help and question sections, this will help you keeping your forums clean and "enjoyable" to search through.
This add on is very useful for us as we report live events and update frequently. Users don’t have to change pages to find out what is going on. Used with Sticky First Post makes this a great addition to our community.
We are very happy with this add on. It is essential for our community. Works like a charm thanks for making it!
Works as expected! When you first install it, make sure to contact your host to whitelist the forum from modsecurity or this won't work.
Much thanks! You just saved me $40 from a portal addon. I will be sharing this with anyone else I tell about XF.
Love the addon! Especially the fact that it's free!

Although, I'm not seeing a way to adjust a users color from an admin standpoint, I want my mods, admins, and content creators names to have different colors as well.
Hey there. Thanks for the positive review! I'll post a comment on your color problem in the discussion.
The largest, most up to date disposable email list, formatted for easy importing. Can't beat that! Thank you for this
It's pleasing new users also find this resource helpful. Welcome to this community Anomandaris and thank you for taking the time to review it!