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This is exactly what I was looking for. :) It's a surprise that it's not included in the default styling, but perhaps it only becomes an issue when you have a lot of subforums, as I do. :)
Time to start giving AndyB reviews because he does an excellent job with all his add ons. Well coded, simple, offers support and completely free. How can you complain?
Great add-on! I'd wish if the best answer could be somehow showed as the first reply and still leave the answer in its original position too? To have a quick glance at the solution. Also an option to change the green BG of the best answer would be a great addition
These are the people that you want creating your custom themes. Pixel Exit made two styles (Light and Dark backgrounds) for me based on this style and I couldn't be happier with both the product, the communication, or the unusually timely support.
Great addon to show off your premium packages in a easy and clean manner. Simple to customize.
There is another paid alternative out there for XF2, but this one is significantly cheaper.
You get a lot of value for the price, easily recommended!
Thank you very much for your review
Very good Addon. I am very happy to have bought this addon. Do we can reduce the spaces between one field and another? it is possible to apply it also in resources
Another fantastic add-on from Xon. The amount of customizations available to the admins is fantastic. It blows away the other addons on its ilk by a wide margin and the support is bar none. Xon goes out of his way to help his customers like no one else on this forum.
As soon as I dmed Gator to help assist me on how to do this for my site, he responded very fast and was very helpful.. I would recommend this to anyone.
Great development ! @Xon one of my favorites developer. Please keep development improvement update. Thanks for the opportunity!
Works very well and looks nice. Easy to customize. Would like to have a guide that help me update to the latest version of the theme.
We're happy that you like the theme and our support is always here for you
Overall this accomplishes what we want to do with a donation plugin but can we also get a feature added that will automatically add the user that donates to a certain group after donating? That would be five stars! :)
Thank you for the kind review Chef Noonab! This feature is already included within the product by default which can be found by navigating to Groups & permissions > User group permissions > +Add promotion > Apply this promotion white > Donations > Select which criteria is required for them to be moved into the user group automatically. Let us know if you have any further questions or issues! :)
A super nice theme and a great developer who supports his product.
You have my recommendation.
Keep up the great work!
Thank you very much! :D
Great addon and great support. Finally an addon which enables me to throttle the image uploads a bit to keep the used disk space for attachments manageable.
Great add-on, work perfect :) i like this author, clean work, good support and very fast replay. Plz add 410 option also, thanks!
Best Seo Addon foro XenForo 2.x , i love it, work perfect :D (it,s need only 1 option to be a perfect add-on, option to edit nodes and home page seo metas.)
Superb support from Jaxel on this excellent resource. Once setup its been a great addition to our Xbox community
This addon fills an important gap in forums, as nowadays a forum can only survive if you have content. And for that you need to save the content (information) in a suitable way and specially make the access of finding the information easy as possible (in this case custom thread fields and their filters). This addon is very useful to create and maintain content, as you can turn your forum threads into a directory/database/classifieds/library etc. The developer of this product is very open to suggestions and enhancements from the beginning and is actively implementing new features to enhance the product. Also when the dev gives an estimated time to fix a problem, he keeps his promises (usually in 24 hours). Excellent support, very communicative, you can reach him every day. Also in my case he fixed a problem which is not a bug from this addon but more so the way XF is built, and still he provided a fix so people with thousands of field choices can use this addon. Thank you for this great product and support!
Thank you for the feedback!
-The icon for 8.1 and 10 is the same. It should be different
-It says OS X, which should be macOS for newer systems
-Firefox version number could be outdated
-Chrome icon is not material design
-Lacks customization options
very nice addon and support i'm using this addon to add covers in games! And no problems... very useful
Thank you for the feedback!
Amazing plugin and amazing support, they even helped me set everything up. Would highly recommend using this plugin and the team.