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Very nice add-on. What's even better is how quickly the coder responds to requests for changes or problems/bugs. This is true not only for his paid add-ons but also for his free add-ons. This is a model for how add-on creators should conduct their business.
Due to the unique nature of my forum, this has become a huge stable in the feature set I provide my users. I see this being useful for many other genres of forums as well as an excellent method of organizing threads together.
On my large forum, handling even the report center becomes an inefficient and tedious task. This brings many quality of life features required for a board where dozens of reports are constantly being made with hundreds of active and online users.
This is a great addon regardless of forum size. Though the quality of life this presents for my members on my very large forum is by far unquestionable. Get this if you like the conversation system.
This is an easy and obvious one to buy, particularly if you have a large site where warnings are handled out in the dozens daily. Cuts down on members saying they never noticed the Warning PM and other such things.
Live Content is something that has become beloved by my community and honestly it is not something I can see my site not having any more. Xon's addon's and features tend to spoil us so much. The ability for help threads, or even discussion threads as members post and talk to each other and everyone seeing it in almost live time? Yes, please.
Very nice theme, very customizable, with lots of options. The support was awesome, very good and fast communication with the theme's author and prompt help received.

I'm thinking of buying the dark version of Abstract as well.
Great job Matti, keep up the great work!
Thank you very much! :D
This add-on is very useful in increasing moderation efficiency and ease-of-use. On a larger forum, the one large report list becomes difficult to manage, and automatic reporting to bring attention to common issues is extremely useful.
We commissioned Xon for many of these features, and he continues to add more functionality. At this point our forums could not function without it. It is a substantial improvement for managing reports. From delegating more granular permissions to significantly improved logging in various forms it has greatly improved moderation efficiency and accuracy.
Very useful for our forums with highly active creative writing sections. Also valuable for highlighting staff posts. Indispensable for both users and staff now.
One of the many features we commissioned Xon to make for us that works exactly as we wanted. Users can no longer say (honestly or not) that they "didn't see" a warning that was issued to them. Additionally, the ability to quickly see that they've acknowledged it has made moderation much easier as our forums grow.
Excellent addon. But i missing the criteria (user hasn't posted for at least X days). Like it was in the old version for XF 1.x
I hope you can update this.
very good support
quick response to questions
easy to install and setup
developer is open for improvements or suggestions
Jesus, this really a great addon, it helps me so much, luckily i try to use it, i almost ignore the addon and if so i would be struggle to deal my problems
I was surprised by the number of spammers that this addon can stop. Support is very fast even on weekends. An essential addon to keep communities clean from spammers.
1. It does not work as advertised.

2. The seller does not appear to provide support. In fact, he appears to have abandoned the add-on, although he's still taking money for it.

I cannot recommend this add-on or this coder to anyone.
This is a no brainer. Everyone should download this. Extends core XF warning system with common sense additions.
Xon continues to extend XF in practical ways that make you wonder why he's not hired. This addon is no exception. One thing that has always lacked in the reports is better searching. It's baffling to me you can only search by report username. So many more parameters are useful for searching for. Thanks!!
A must-have add-on that improves on various essentials in which Xenforo lacks. The ability to search through reports and auto-create report threads is a big plus on our forums.

The support and response time on questions/errors/fixes are outstanding.
Would definitely recommend anyone to use this add-on (or any of Xon's improvements add-ons).
Great plugin and great developer who takes into consideration changes and improvements. Have recommended to a few people now and will continue to do so.