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Very nice visually! Thank you for making this available!
Took me a while to figure out the changes which I needed to make for logo and background
Works as advertised. I had an issue that I couldn't solve for days. Reached out to the Author and was assisted within like 24 hours. The probelm was resolved within minutes (the issue was me not doing something correctly on my end) and boom, bob was my uncle!
Works perfect for ensuring important news makes it to our members by default, but still provide and honor email/opt-out preferences. Thank you!
works really well, I like the customization that I can do and the open feel. I wish more addons would be created like this.
Very good complement, but it needs a more efficient editor, we are not about editing html. Please update the editor thanks
I worked hard to get this add-on made, and I'm his first customer. I started using it on my own site immedalitly.

I think it will be highly sought after for many site owners because there is no Quiz Add-on in XenForo2.

Thanks bro
Thank you for your review and Thank you for helping me with this project.
At our internal forum we have a lot of different organizations that use the forum. Before this, we managed assigned users from the same organization with user banners, but we quickly realized this was a huge amount of work.

Therefor I asked Ozzy and Painbaker to develop an add-on that works similar as X's Affiliated badges, adding a logo of the company or organization the user represents.

This add-on does precisely what I asked for, and it is also easy-to-use!
There are tons of options, permissions and even a badge request page.

As usual, Ozzy has yet again proven his add-on development quality work. Great job, both of you!
Excellent plugin with top-notch programming. Highly recommended!
Some tweaking in the "ChatGPT custom prompt" is always advised to get the best results.
Note to Siropu: Expanding the "custom prompt" input to a bigger text area would be beneficial. For example, for adequate translations, my prompts are at least 5-6 sentences long - depending on the extension.
I really wish I didn't have to leave this review and that I could comment on the add-on itself. Neither option is possible. When installed on our forum, this add-on hard-crashed the site. It broke not only the front-facing part, but the Admin Control Panel, forcing us to remove it via the server.

It seems that the add-on, aside from mentioning nowhere on its page that it required a specific version of PHP, did not include any check when installed to make sure it was compatible. If it were documented, I would take a mea culpa for just not paying attention—but the fact it wasn't, as well as that basic safeguards which I have never seen any add-on lack were not taken, is frankly unacceptable.

Do not buy this, do not buy from this creator. Do not trust someone who cannot include basic precautions to make fundamental alterations to your website.
Too bad that you didn't let us help you for this, we are always here for our customers. We did forget to add a check for the PHP version, coming next update. Anyway, if you have questions feel free to ask us..
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