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Thanks for this awesome addon, my moderators love it!
Great job, recommended for every medium-high traffic forum.
That was a good lesson for me to never ever pay for Betta and never ever touch anything related to Nulumia even for free.
This add-on is pre-alpha. Instead of fixing existing bugs, the developer keeps adding more and more features introducing even more problem. Do not install on a production site.
This is very easily one of the best add-ons for XF.

If you're nostalgic for the days of Myspace and early Youtube which allowed users to personalize their pages with custom CSS, backgrounds, and colors, this add-on is for you.

I've seen this add-on in action on other sites that aren't my own, and on every site, the users love it.

The developer is friendly and inhumanly fast at responding to bug reports and other inquiries. You should give them your money, because developers like this make the Internet a fun place to spend time on again.
It will be great to have an option to see the featured threads as a list with a Load More button. Cheers.
This add-on is riddled with bugs and is not updated or supported. The developer ignores all bug reports and pretends like everything is OK. Avoid.
Well to start off, I would like to say the customer service is amazing. What you look for in biz. Fixed an issue, without getting frustrated with the problem. Fixed the issue the same day also. Great price for an add-on that has so much packed into it. So you can really hook up your profile pages and wait that's not only it. Thank you for creating this add-on cause it really is amazing.