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Latest reviews

Extremely useful for when you want to have more than one prefix for a thread. There are many usage scenarios for this and this functionality should have been a core feature of XF.

The frontend UI of selecting the prefixes is simple and works well.

What's great is that Xon is one of the few XF add-on developers who keeps adding features and is shockingly quick to look at and resolve issues (which I've only had once with this specific add-on, and the issue was fixed within 20 minutes of me reporting it).

You should buy this add-on even if you don't have the biggest need for it at the moment, just to support Xon's work.
I purchased this from the ThemeHouse site via subscription. I must admit it's a very good plugin! Thanks ThemeHouse :D
Thank you so much for the kind review! We are so glad to hear that you are loving our newest add-on for Xenforo 2.0! Enjoy!
this is for just making home page, write more tutorial to make it beautiful.
Please help the people by doing customization.
Amazing add-on very good for my site and helps instead of that old "like" button, I Did PM You Luke F Due to not being able to download yet.
6000 images that needed to be converted, and it hung up on the 3rd post. Absolutely will NOT go past it until I physically delete the image files in that post. I thought this was automated and it would skip the ones it could not edit. Guess I read this add on wrong. Uninstalling promptly since I have to edit every single thread manually anyway.
2 stars because it works 'sometimes'. If you post a photobucket image with the IMG tags, it just pulls the same image photobucket is showing about 3rd party hosting. Worth it for the price, but will be uninstalling it since it does not do what it says.
Its a great piece of work and will really help to forum owner to take a good step in growing their forum by awarding this founder member banner.

Thanks a lot
Thank You for the kind review!
Works as said, it would have better if it started from left instead of keeping at center.
Its good to have a such addon
Thanks for the review and suggestion noted.
Awesome AddOn by an awesome developer! :) I've requested a small little feature and he provided the new version in a couple of hours! Works flawless...
Really great addon :) I highly recommend it for your xenforo server as I am using it for my xenforo community.
Great style! Whitesky works hard to make improvements and the just released 1.6.1 proves it fixing many bugs and adding new features. If you loved PHP Nuke, you'll love this style!
Thanks so much for leaving a review Mike, and really glad you're enjoying the theme so far! Can't wait to reveal even more features in the works, including the upcoming XF2 edition.
Excellent addon, working great on my forum. I love event feature. It allow me to create event for the group and the public.
Does not work, even though I followed the basic steps to install an addon. Please fix this as this might be useful for anyone.
Would you please let me know which version of the XF you're using?
Arty has been very helpful and I'm sure I've been very annoying. The themes are great & the support is too.
Arty has been very helpful and I'm sure I've been very annoying. The themes are great & the support is too.
Thank you for this plugin. The best in the field! I use it all the time. No mistakes... I wish you success.
I've had very good response from my members on this. There are still some improvements threadloom is working on, but they get them together pretty fast and are very responsive.
Best chat for xenforo hands down.

The only thing I think that could compete with this is an embedded and fully integrated discord.
Another great style from Pixel Exit. Apex is easy to customize and make your own. With Apex you get the light style included. Support after the sale is top notch with Pixel Exit.
This is a form saver. Switching over to xF from vB (which had a similar hack installed), left my members dazed & confused. This addon fixed that. THANK YOU