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wow this just increased my productivity by 20% how did I live without this before? What a simple addon that makes a huge difference.
Thank you for your review. I'm glad you find it useful.
It works like a charm! With this addon all resources and attachments will be redirected to a page with a countdown and if you want with ads.
DohTheme knocks it out of the park yet again. With this theme you can customize your site with so many options so I highly recommend DohThemes
It's great to have this addon, it is very helpful for my forums, wish you grow, thank you very much.
This addon is pretty cool, just another way to keep your users focus where you want it. It will be interesting to see where the development on this plugin goes. It does everything it says it's supposed to so far
Amazing list/compilation, thank you!

This is very useful to prevent spam or "fake" users in your boards.
Obnoxious behaviour. Banned from Discord, the main support channel for his theme. Reason? Calling the developer Obnoxious, which is a true statement. Why? I was trying to figure out if the issue i was experiencing was a bug or not, since all the tips, hints and guides failed and didn't work.

I asked the developer to take a look at the theme to see if he experienced the same issue, since this was a fresh install and there was no addons etc installed. He refused and asked for money for custom work instead of taking a look if the issue i was experiencing actually was a bug or not. I was trying to change node icons, that's all.

Getting banned from his discord support channel is beyond childish, and when you ask a customer for money for custom work, before even checking if this is a bug or not, is outrageous.

I would suggest the developer to be more understanding when people with lower knowledge than him asks for help. Especially when it comes to "small" details that should be an easy fix to figure out for someone with coding experience.

I can't recommend purchasing this theme because of the reasons mentioned.
This is a must have, I found so many 404s with it. You can easily identify which pages have the most 404s and setup redirects for them with just a couple clicks. 404s suck, this addon makes them suck a bit less
Excellent addon by talented author. The ability to quote the post and use the post title when starting a conversation is a huge time saver for everyone. Very happy to have this for XF2.
Once Again DohTheme nails it we switched from their Joy theme to this theme and are very pleased. After changing and having custom work done I can say this theme is awesome
We are working so hard to improve our products quality, thanks for the review
This should come with xF, being able to fit all new posts in to one widget on the homepage is awesome.
Switched from another addon to this during my 1.x -> 2.x upgrade.

Has a lot more features and my users love the discord alert messages. Nix also fixed a small problem I had with it and updated it with in a day.
I love this addon, really cool. I'm using it to showcase random important parts of my site. When you have a large forum it's hard sometimes to showcase all your important content, so this is just another way to bring your user's attention back to the important stuff
Thank you for your nice comment and feedback.
Asked for this simple add on for a busy forum. Open dialogue with the creators and quick implementation with perfect results. Thank You
Thank you for the feedback !
For Joy in Styles [2.x]
Just switched from UIX to this theme as it has more customized options and the support is great had a question and for it taken care of as soon as the dev was online
Thank you for this review and we hope enjoy using our product.
For sure worth the $40. It is simple, and well organized. Install was easy, and for the most part I figured out how to use it without even reading the instructions, the slider took a bit to get working with fast support on it tho, Very happy with it so far.
Incredibly detailed and easy to follow, not to mention exceedingly useful. For those members using Linode, this provides a great option for storage space expansion at a very very reasonable cost.
I have now been using this for sometime and so far have had no issues with it at all. I can also see a vast improvement on my members interaction with my forum. Really a great one to add to your forum.
Like all addons from @Xon, excellent!
With the addon we are finally able to explicitly point out forum users in topics when writing answers to something.
This is a really nice add-on. Exactly the functionality I've been looking for for my articles hub. Thanks so much.