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Anyone with a forum that has years of content -- why you don't have this, you should be asking yourself. Cheap compared to what this does. Just amazing to find and fix over a decade of broken links, directing both search engines and users to the right place. SEO + User Usability = expected ranking increase. A smart piece of coding work. Well done AddonsLab.
Thank you for the feedback, we are glad it is useful for you!
A very complete add-on allowing you to create predefined content for member presentations for example, or simply for a predefined response ! I recommend it because it's very practical !
A very nice add-on allowing you to modify the default colors of the editor. I recommend it without hesitation !
Not only cool for custom images but also for learning CSS for the default banner which I used it for to change some things.

Very cool.
XF2 version of the always-useful vB redirect scripts. In conjunction with some rewrite rules these can be used to redirect all old URLs.
Yet another small customization that is easy to implement for newbies like me while making the bar a little more attractive.
As with all of ThemeHouse add-ons this one is well written, has excellent functions, a great price point and their support is always expedient and helpful. Great people to work with - so much so that I am looking into hopefully utilizing ThemeHouse for custom development. Great work guys on all your add-ons for XF2 so far!
Much appreciate the kind review, Drunken! Were thankful for your continued support in our product line. Please let us know if you have any new suggestions or so! Our team would be happy to hear them.
Nicely done. The only downside is loading speeds, probably it will be slowler then normal.

This was just what I was looking for. Not sure why sidebar widgets aren't an option in XF2 but this did the trick.
Glad you like it and thank you for your time to review.
Really amazing! Hope they come out with a version for Xenforo 2! The build in spam protection is not sufficient!
I like these small editing ready to go guides. I'm sure there are many people like me that are not experience in Xenforo and guides like these make it easy for us.

Looks great!
Does what it says, simple copy and paste, change colors to your liking and it works straight away.

Small edit but looks a lot better now IMO.
Thank you for your time to review. Glad you like it.
This is an awesome theme but even better, the support is really top notch.

As a Xenforo noob and only know some basic CSS I had quite some questions from time to time but he has always answered on time and has always delivered.

I dare to say he will even go the extra mile.

Excellent service and no matter which theme you will buy from Pixel Exit I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
Top class support is no more. The developer has announced that he discontinues his support for this plugin and leaving a lot of paid customers behind.
If you're not using this, you're doing your visitors landing on 404 errors a serious injustice. I use another add-on to fix all posted links, but what you can't fix so easily is whats posted elsewhere online. This allows you to correct inbound links to direct them to the right place. Its tedious work, but with time you have visitors landing on the right pages and that is good for your Google rankings and user satisfaction.
This is a help to our community for keeping banned users organized and making it easier and quicker to ban when necessary. Quality as always and a great site asset.
Another quality add-on by Siropu! Great way to help increase site engagement and registrations. Well worth the purchase.
This is absolutely the BEST ad manager I have seen for Xenforo (and I've been through two others already) -- Siropu not only creates an extremely powerful and full featured system, but they are responsive to the needs of their add-on owners with quick, efficient and friendly support - as well as feature enhancements. If you want to help generate site revenue this is a one stop solution for really providing your community with an amazing ads solution. Well done Siropu!!
I've been waiting for this! Thank you for this Excellent add-on for free, I have installed it and worked perfectly.
Really friendly support and the plugin works well. Very easy way to connect your server to your forum!