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Excellent now we're able to use multiple hardware yubikeys to strenthen login. Perfect (but should be native Xenforo functionality)
This add-on is simple and effective. It should be a core feature like many other add-ons around here :)
Wow! This is an amazing addon. The number of features that this Addon provides are easily worth paying for. Very well coded.
And another review after the latest large updates. XFA has provided excellent support and added lots of features that has enhanced this addon greatly, some which were rather substantial in complexity.
Its a great addon witch helps a admin to reduce work time to administrate all the add-on updates and upgrades as fast as possible.
I use this addon daily and it's another one of the super addons you get free when you buy Andy's $35 yearly subscription. The best value ever!
A great theme and amazing support. A very well documented template for easy customization.
Keep up the good work!
Thank you for your review.
This has significantly decreased page loading times and other metrics that are extremely important for the success of a website to attract and keep visitors. It looks like it was written with care and I have had no issues with it since the install. This is one of those addons that is fairly essential if you are concerned about your PageSpeed score. This should really even be part of XenForo. I thank the developer and give him kudos to providing it for free at this time.
Been using this for over a year, and AMP is one of the best things you can honestly do for your guest mobile viewing experience. Combined with Cloudflare AMP caching, highly recommended.
Great add-on and I highly recommend if you owned a gaming and entertainment website 😀

Price is bit high but it’s is very useful add-on
Have been running this addon for a year at the standard level of page checking and it gives my users an improved experience on their initial page loads when they need it most.
Was stuck with WBB until I found this Add-on which worked perfectly to migrate a board with 90k posts and 17k members. Posts, members, private conversations, categories, forums, likes ... everything was migrated without the need to adjust anything. Even the old user passwords are working. Amazing Add-On!
Awesome mod, it's free and it does exactly what I needed it to do; impersonate a user to check permissions, but holy cow do you have to jump though some hoops to download it.
I’m glad Mazzly decided to code this addon, I think he did a fantastic job on it and did as well or better than I could have.
This is awesome and works great! Thanks a lot for this very useful add-on. :) No more scrolling to the bottom of the page.
Works exactly as described. Easy install, no click here for that, click here for this, set this permission, etc. Install it and you're done. Thank you
Superb plugin. I'm using this to generate, cleanup and organize my tags. Then I'm using Xon's Keyword linking plugin, which generates keyword linking using the tags. Then I'm changing those keywords links to point at my best page for each tag keyword, excellent way to automate internal linking for SEO.
This is a very well made, professional quality plugin. I'm updating the titles on 3,000 threads using this. It even shows thread statistics so you aren't wasting your time updating garbage threads.
A great add-on to create a home page. Had a few slight issues due to a custom style and the support received was amazing.
I would not hesistate in purchasing any of the add-on packs in future.
Thank you for your review. I'm glad you like this add-on.
I love the add-on and the performance of Addon Update Notifier. The addon giving me a feel of all addon update effect. Loving the Addon Update Notifier package.