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Thank you so much @kirby for this critical and wonderful addon! IMHO this functionality should be core and is essential for any administrator that takes speed and optimization serious. A very valuable addon which works like a charm.
Must have tool to prevent accidental merging. It is based on thread freshness, so moderators cannot merge old threads by accident. Should be in the core.
Excellent ! Works great. Very handy to have and easy to use. Options are great with this add-on. A must-have! Thank you so much!
Such a useful add-on if you're an admin and want to post from your private account instead. Much easier than having to log out and log back into other account. Thank you for this Andy!
Great add-on. Very much needed. Thank you again for another great xenforo add-on. Very much appreciated. :)
This is a great resource. I love how I can use any image I want for the badges. Very happy to pay a nominal yearly fee for your resources. Thank you so much.
An amazing badge system being maintained by a dedicated dev. If you'd like to have something a little more visually stimulating than the default trophy system, this is the way to go. Highly recommended to check out this great addon, especially while it's free! I would gladly pay.
It is a very interesting addon to make viewing new messages, the list of forums and whatever you want more comfortable. Very good work!
Thank you. I'm glad you like.