[OzzModz] Thread & Quick Reply Placeholders & Templates

[OzzModz] Thread & Quick Reply Placeholders & Templates 2.0.2

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This is a cool little addon that will allow you to have thread/post templates and manage placeholders. These are set in each node individually by editing the node in the ACP.

Place holders can be used to direct people to do or not do something. Placeholders will show up in selected forums for threads and/or posts if you desire. Placeholders disappear as soon as the user starts typing in the editor.

Placeholder Example:

Thread & post prompts/templates can be used for a user to be directed to fill in the information in a specific way, This is useful for forums such as a car site. This does not disappear as the user starts typing, but unfortunately the user can edit the text out, there is no way around this.

Thread Prompt/Template Example:

This system works the same for the quick reply editor as it does for starting new threads. Thread prompts/templates will override a placeholder. Meaning that if you gave a placeholder and prompt defined for a forum, the prompt/template will show, not the placeholder. I've seen quite a few people looking for this so I decided to write this up and release it here.

Thread Placeholder & Prompt Setting Example:

Quick Reply Placeholder & Prompt Setting Example:

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Latest reviews

Works great and has everything I need. It's what I was expecting and wanting the built-in "custom thread fields" feature to function like. Unlike "custom thread fields", if you edit/delete one of this addon's prefilled templates, it doesn't impact existing threads/posts (only new ones going forward). Big thanks to Ozzy for filling in another one of Xenforo's gaps.
Perfect for post templates and free also. Appreciate that people can share resources with no financial motive.
Fantastic addon. It is very useful in guiding users to the proper functioning of the forum and provides less work to moderators
Good to hear that you’ve found the addon useful. I’m sure your staff appreciates it. Thanks for leaving a review.
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