[OzzModz] Thread & Quick Reply Placeholders & Templates

[OzzModz] Thread & Quick Reply Placeholders & Templates 2.0.2

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[OzzModz] Thread & Quick Reply Placeholders & Templates - Easily manage thread and post templates

This is a cool little addon that will allow you to have thread/post templates and manage placeholders. These are set in each node individually by editing the node in the ACP.

Place holders can be used to direct people to do or not do something. Placeholders will show up in selected forums for threads and/or posts if you desire. Placeholders disappear as soon as the user starts typing in the editor.

Placeholder Example:
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Thread & post...

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You're welcome. I had this finished last week, but just got around to releasing it now.
I installed this and it's working.

However, I want to change the thread and post prompts and I forget where these were set.

Where can I edit the prompts?

Found it: ACP >> Forums >> Thread properties >> Thread prompts

BUT: that allows me to change the thread prompt displayed in the title field.

I also have a prompt showing in the editor box. Where do I change that?
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The placeholder (the one that disappears) is not working in latest Chrome desktop. I see it in Android and Edge.
I don’t think there’s anything I can do to overcome that, but I’ll check it out when I get a chance.
I mean, I enter a placeholder in admin, and the field is empty. If I go on my phone it shows. And if I switch to Edge it shows. The screenshot would just be the normal XF box, nothing in it, in Chrome. Let me try to clear my cache.
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