1. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Set Open Graph Image

    This guide will help you to set your forum's open graph image. It will use the first image in your thread, whether linked directly or attached. Open template: thread_view Find: <xf:set var="$fpSnippet" value="{{ snippet($firstPost.message, 0, {'stripBbCode': true}) }}" /> Add below: <xf:if...
  2. Kevin

    XF 1.5 Image Proxy and Pinterest

    Has anybody gotten the combination of having the image proxy enabled and trying to 'pin' to Pinterest working together? It's been driving me nuts tonight trying to find a solution. :coffee:
  3. CTXMedia

    XF 1.5 Pinterest - "Sorry, we were unable to fetch the image" when trying to use the share button

    When trying to use the Pinterest share button on our cooking forum (to pin this thread), we get through the login, it grabs the images from the thread, but when it comes to pinning them we get the error: Sorry, we were unable to fetch the image. Is this a permissions issue and if so, how do we...