Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x)

Social Groups (XenForo 2.x.x) 3.6.1

No permission to buy ($50.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
- PHP 7.2+
Updates duration
12 months ($29.00 yearly renewable)
Visible branding
This add-on has excellent features and friendly UI. It is compatible with most versions of XenForo (2.0.x).


Key features:

  • Ability to create unlimited categories and nested categories for groups.
  • Ability to create unlimited custom fields for each category. Custom fields then will be shown in group details.
  • Show custom field position, data types, create PHP callback for Fields,
  • Ability to group members and easily manage member roles and permissions in group.
  • Events. Each group has ability to create their own events.
  • Sub Forums.
  • Avatar supported. Each group has ability to easily upload their avatar
  • Cover photos supported. Each group has ability to easily upload their cover
  • Display statistics for each groups.
  • Much more....
Group Category: many options available to manage groups:

  • Required minimum tags which groups must be provide.
  • Default set group privacy, only apply to newly created groups.
  • Manage user group permissions to create groups in categories.
  • Manage user group permissions to view groups inside the category.

Group Fields:
  • Create unlimited custom fields
Member Roles: manage member roles in each group
  • Easy to create more roles
  • Easy to manage group member roles.
  • Powerful options to control member permissions inside the group.

  • Ability to attach files when creating events.
  • Ability to post comments in events.
  • Intelligent notifications: new events created, new comments posted, …
  • Easy to filter events: ongoing events, upcoming events and past event.
  • Friendly layouts with 2 options available: List or Calendar,
  • Integrate with Google Map.

Gallery and Media: (This options required third-party add-ons)
  • Upcoming feature…
Group Forums: Fully integrate with XenForo forums.
  • Each group will have their own forum to post their own threads and use XenForo sub-forums to archive these threads. These threads are shown to the public or not depending on group Privacy options.
  • Archive all groups forums to single XenForo node.
Group Privacy: Public, Closed and Secret. Each privacy option has its own settings.
  • Public Group:
    • Anyone can see the group
    • Anyone can see contents in the group
    • Shown in the group list
  • Closed Group:
    • Anyone can see the group
    • Only members can see contents in the group
    • Shown in the group list
  • Secret Group:
    • Only members and authorized users (set in User Group Permissions) can see the group and its content
    • Only authorized users (set in User Group Permissions) can create Secret Groups
Group invitations:
  • Send an invitation: Only Public and Closed Groups are supported. Each invitation sent, user will be received a notification. User can easily manage the invitations they received from Invited Groups page.
  • Add users to group: Only Secret Groups are supported. This feature allows authorized members to add an user to the group without their permission.
Notification system:
  • Notification Alerts can be turned on/off. Each member has ability to choose either Forum Alerts or Email. You can find this feature in group navigation.
  • Status Alerts. If this option is enabled, you will received notifications when a status posted in newsfeeds. This option only works when notification alerts are on.
Other features:
  • Ability to set one or more groups become Featured Groups
  • Ability to transfer ownership to another user
  • Much more….
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4.44 star(s) 16 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 3.6.1

    Notable changes: Calendar phrases now respect user language Fixed rebuild group stuck in some...
  2. 3.6.0

    Notable changes: Added event type public allow it displays to all users Fixed upload resource...
  3. 3.5.9

    Notable changes: Allow disable email notification globally Fixed cannot translate some content...

Latest reviews

Very good add-on and the seller is very helpful in assisting issues when they occur. Thank you very much
This add-on is very useful. The reason I give two stars because after I login to my account on his site the site is currently not loading and not responding and I am not sure if he has Discouraged my account or something else. Anyway my connection is working on every website except on his website!.

I have already tried to contact him several months ago but I am not receiving any response from him…!
Decent group implementation... but is still in dire need of improvement. Having a group calendar that has BOTH public and private group view access would be a great enhancement.
As it is, the add-on is purely private for everything or wide open to everyone. That defeats the need of groups that have private internal processes, but may have a public gathering that is not restricted to members. As it sits, I am going to have to look at finding yet one more add-on that will allow the creation of events that the public can see, when it should not be that hard to implement that process in this add-on.
Reported a bug and it was promptly fixed within a week, thank you so much! This is a really awesome addon and has become a core feature of our community.
I used this mod on XF 1.5 for quite awhile. That version was a bit buggy and bloated with extra features. However, since getting the new XF 2.2 version, I am very impressed. It is streamlined, fast, and has been refined nicely, and contains the perfect set of features. Also, even though my old license expired in 2016, I still received a $13 discount for this new version. But I would have paid full despite this. :)
We are using the add-on to organize our esport teams, excellent help from the developer, great design, absolutely recommended :)
The best group addon for XF currently. Good feature set, nice quality and design.
The developer responds to suggestions and fixes bugs when reported.
The author pays attention to bug reports and feature requests, and is constantly updating the addon.
truonglv has made a real effort to listen to the issues, needs and requests from those of us who use this addon lately and I am immensely grateful for all the work he has done thus far and time he's taken to listen to my concerns. My community loves this addon even tho it's taken some time to get it to work properly. Thank you for listening!
My forum need a groups for some users discussion privately, and this is excellent addon for that.
Author has been very friendly and helpful.
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