Sendy Integration & Newsletters

Sendy Integration & Newsletters 2023-08-10

No permission to buy ($50.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
- PHP 7.2+
- Sendy
Updates duration
12 months ($30.00 yearly renewable)
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Subscription Lists​

There are a few specific options you may be interested in while creating a campaign.
  • Include some user identities info in subscriptions
    • Location
    • Website
    • Skype
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • User name
  • Allow the campaign shows in register form
  • Allow guest subscribe: This option allows you to display a popup to guest users and ask them to subscribe to the campaign. You can also customize your popup content
  • Allow you import group email addresses into specific subscription list.
  • Manual sync subscription status from Sendy to XenForo
  • Automatically sync subscription status from Sendy to XenForo


This powerful feature allows you to schedule and send email to users who subscribed on your lists.
  • Limit the number of threads send in the email
  • Fetch threads in specific forums
  • Fetch threads with specific criteria such as: At least X replies, at least X views,...
  • Value Score: This option allows sorting threads by specific score.
  • Extra thread IDs: Always include specific threads in the email
  • Display thread message: Allow you display message content in the email by first or last post of the thread
  • Date limit: Allow you fetch threads within X days.
  • Inject HTML above threads, below threads.
  • Allow you customize tracking params in thread URL
  • Allow preview newsletter items before perform mass sending
  • Allow do test newsletter items
  • Send an email to certain email addresses when newsletters were published in Sendy.


  • Support subscribe with GDPR
  • Customize policy URL
  • Sendy installation base URL: This URL should be matched with APP_PATH in your Sendy setup. Campaigns and Newsletters will use this value to make requests.
  • Sendy api key: This is an API key that should be grabbed on your Sendy account.
  • Campaign popup delay: How long the subscribe popup will be displayed to guest users.
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Latest updates

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Latest reviews

This new version with the automated newsletter generation is awesome! LOTS of great features and options to tweak!

So far, I've got this setup with my Sendy installation to:

Automatically import Sendy "Brands" and "Lists"
Create "Subscription Lists" in the addon that allows new (and existing) members to subscribe and manage subscriptions.
Generate a scheduled recurring (weekly in my case) newsletter that is pushed to Sendy.
The auto-generated newsletter leverages criteria "weights" to determine the "best" threads
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