1. truonglv

    Sendy Integration & Newsletters 2023-08-10

    Subscription Lists There are a few specific options you may be interested in while creating a campaign. Include some user identities info in subscriptions Location Website Skype Facebook Twitter User name Allow the campaign shows in register form Allow guest subscribe: This option allows you...
  2. truonglv

    Unmaintained [Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) 1.1.8a

    Description: Allow users easy to subscribe or unsubscribe newsletter through Key Features: Support subscribe/unsubscribe on register page Includable extra fields when subscribe (gender, birthday) Handle when user change email. When user changed to new email, and the old email...
  3. truonglv

    [Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) [Paid]

    Nobita.Kun submitted a new resource: [Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) - Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) for XenForo Read more about this resource...
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