Resources by truonglv

Image Optimizer for XF 2.0 truonglv
Optimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space.
Ignore Content truonglv
Ignore Content 3.2.3 $30.00
Take control of your experience: ignore forums, threads, tags, conversations, and users with ease.
Sendy Integration & Newsletters truonglv
A powerful add-on to generate newsletters and management subscriptions
Anonymous Posting truonglv
Anonymous Posting 2.1.3 $30.00
Protect User Privacy and Encourage Open Discussion with Anonymous Posting Add-On
Profile Vanity URL truonglv
Profile Vanity URL 2.0.5 $35.00
Allow users use custom route link to their profile.
The Following Alerts truonglv
The Following Alerts 3.1.4 $30.00
Receive alerts from people who you are following...
Native Mobile Apps truonglv
Native Mobile Apps 2023.04.22 $149.00
A native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for XenForo forums.
Automate forum organization with ease. Move threads by forum and date with alerts.
Widget Threads Enhancement truonglv
Support more options in widget threads
Post Reply truonglv
Post Reply 3.0.9 $30.00
Allow reply to thread in more levels
Link Confirmation truonglv
Link Confirmation 1.0.5 $10.00
Ask to user confirmation before open link
Thread owner (starter) permissions truonglv
Give right permissions to thread owner (starter) for management their threads
Display group catalogs to help user quick navigating.
[tl] Telegram Integration truonglv
Support telegram bot, commands, webhook and more...
Stripe Identity 1.0.1 $30.00
Verify your users with Stripe Identity feature.
[tl] Forum List Style 1.0.0 $10.00
Override user style chosen in forum list page.
[tl] User Smilies truonglv
[tl] User Smilies 2.1.3 $19.00
Use your own smilies anywhere....
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