Resources by truonglv

[tl] Avatar Moderation 2.0.3 $15.00
Moderate all user avatars before display public.
Allow user set custom threads, posts and conversations per page
Optimize all attachments in your forum to save disk space.
[Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) truonglv Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) for XenForo
[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) truonglv
Social groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) for XenForo. Support: sonnb-XenGallery, XenMedia, and much more..
Schedule Content XenForo 1.x only truonglv
Unmaintained Schedule Content XenForo 1.x only 2.0.9 $20.00
Allow user can set scheduled post to display...
Profile Cover truonglv
Unmaintained Profile Cover 2.2.1 $9.90
Profile Cover for XenForo
[Nobita] Pokémon Catcher truonglv
Unmaintained [Nobita] Pokémon Catcher 1.1.5 $25.00
Try to catch all Pokémon...
The Following Alerts truonglv
Unmaintained The Following Alerts 1.3.2 $10.00
Receive alerts from people who you are following Integration truonglv
Unmaintained Integration 2.0.2 $18.00
Login/Register using account
[Nobita] MineCraft Avatar truonglv
Unmaintained [Nobita] MineCraft Avatar 1.4.1 $15.00
Allow using Minecraft Sevices
[Nobita] Emoticons (User Smilies, Stickers) truonglv
Allow user using external images to smilies
Avatar Moderation truonglv
Unmaintained Avatar Moderation 1.1.4 $9.99
Manage all avatars of user before publicly
Unmaintained Import avatar from URL 1.0.1
Allow users quickly import avatar from URL
Unmaintained Avatar Maker (Avatar Alive) 1.1.2 $15.00
Auto make avatar for users did not have an custom avatar.
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