[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs)

[Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) 2.8.6

No permission to buy ($69.00)
Lack of any real support for this addon is why I'm given it a terrible Rating. We paid $69.00 for this addon, and like other said one of the reasons we bought xenforo was due to this addon. Unfortunately we've experience the same problems as other when trying to add forums to the social groups. I've ask for help repeatedly on there forum and by starting a conversation. But so far haven't received any thing worthy of a real effort to help.

I wouldn't recommend this addon at this time. In fact were going to purchase Snog Social Group so we don't waste any more time with someone that can't support a paying customer.
I'm pretty happy with the add-on overall. As the previous comment says so well, it lacks a simple explanation.

As for the nodes, I do not encounter any worries. Creating forum without problems.

The or for me is the least clear is the role of the various members, within the group forum. But aside from that, no problem.

I associate myself with the previous comment, to have documentation on the latest version, simple and clear.
It is completely baffling to me as to why this addon has so many good reviews. It is so woefully broken that I have been unable to get it working on a production website after FOUR MONTHS of trying. I cannot even create forums for group discussions to go in, and the system for setting up forum nodes for this addon is extremely backwards and makes no sense at all. The addon author sometimes takes weeks or even MONTHS to reply to issues. I literally had to harass the author both on XF and their personal xenforo site for THREE MONTHS before my issue was even replied to, much less fixed.

Second, there is ZERO *relevant* documentation. None. Anything I could find was extremely old and no longer worked for the latest version. So you're completely on your own when it comes to setting this addon up on your website. Combined with the issues listed below, I cannot even fathom how anyone has been able to install this addon and I've been using XF since it was in beta.

Third, English is not the author's first language, which is fine except for the fact that all the options and documentation are in such broken English that it's really difficult to understand what some of the options in the admin panel actually do.

Fourth, when the author finally did reply it took weeks to sort out the bugs it had with even core XF addons like XFMG, much less any other addons.

Last, this addon is WAY too expensive considering the lack of documentation, confusing settings, the mind-bogglingly backwards setup of forum nodes, and virtually zero support whatsoever.

If you're considering purchasing this addon I would encourage you to run far, far away in the opposite direction and maybe try Snog's addon instead.
Excellent add on. Very comprehensive with tons of features and the styling is pretty good.

I've knocked one star off for now as there are certain parts that still feel unfinished, like the events system.

There are also a few minor UI issues out of the box that I feel could be improved.

Recently Nobita has been very responsive to bug reports and suggestions, so hopefully the next version will be even better.

Keep up the good work, it's a great group system that has potential to be even better. Please continue to add features and improve it :)
This is a quality addon. Nobita's support and responsiveness to fix bugs is top notch and I'm a happy customer.
You don´t know what you get until you have it installed. Damn, this is a must-have I have no idea how I´ve missed that for over a year. Genius inside!
Nobita Social Group is the reason I decided to migrate my Vb4.2 to Xenforo. We are a meet up forum and revolve around groups and only Nobita's addon get close to what we need. The last 10% is custom.

I have to applaud him for reponding quickly to bugs. I can only say this is a fantastic addon. Would be even better if we can sort groups by countries and users are able to see the groups nearer to him physically.

Overall, I am very impressed!
Really nice addon and great for people who wants to make a group with some off-topic, also the owner of the addon is really helpful and updates reguarly
Latest version is absolutely amazing and exceeds all my expectations. My members love it, and it's smoother and faster than originally.
This is superb!
Top Quality add-on from Excellent developer
Also he is very active and supportive. you never left alone
I am so happy with this purchase
Thank you Nobita
Unbelievable update! Loved it. for weeks I saw how Nobita was working on this update, and he added lots of suggestions one by one.
Also great support while working with it and getting errors. Almost all bugs fixed ASAP.
This new version has lots of great new features, so that I call it "Unbelievable update!". Ability to create forums for groups by their owners and also 3 ways of posting are two features that I (and our board's members) was (were) really interested in and now I (we) have them all plus lots of other new features.
Thanks Nobita, and I wish you the best.
Yet another awesome add-on + professional developer. We've missed it since we came to XF from VB. It looks really nice and in fact is user friendly. Lots of features and options. And an active developer to solve any bugs or add small suggestions ASAP. I don't want to talk more about the add-on itself, because its clear that it is the best groups add-on so far. I want to say a special THANKS to its developer. He did something that I've never expected, and that worth a lot for me. He answers kindly and fast. He is respectful and professional. Thanks Nobita and I wish you the best.
Thank you for development of the excellent add-on and your coordination in the process of purchase. Currently evth works really fine and I hope that the development of the mod will be continued in future. I highly recommend to everybody interested in social feature for their community.
The importer from Waindigo did not work properly. It only imported 1 post from 8 groups to the destination forum. When I tried to move that post to the group, i t generated an error which Nobita had to fix. The option to change colors in the logos in the groups did not work at all. There are a log of bugs in this software. When you find one, he issues updates. You will be forever updating. He offered to refund my money if I deleted this, but it is important that you get a TRUE picture of how this software is before you buy it, try to import, and lose all your posts like I did.
Sorry. But I have try contact with you in my forum but seem you did not work with me to resolve the problem. So the refund is needed in this case.
great addon, and the owner was very helpful to get my groups up and running for me! Thanks for the assistance!
This is an awesome mod, the creator added all my suggestion's as well as helped with troubleshooting bugs I had with my forum. Of all the social group mods I've used so far this is the best one and definitely worth the investment, my team and members totally love this. It is easy to setup and install, set permissions etc. The Avatar/Logo and Cover feature is great, the stats per group admin is essential. I highly recommend this mod to anyone wanting to build out the social side of their community. :D
Great add on with plenty of features. The support is top notch as well. Nobita puts out quality work.
This is the best groups add-on for Xenforo. The only thing I had to modify was I had to change some of the language strings so they were in proper and understandable English. The interface is amazing and my members love it. Worth every penny!
Nobita is the mannnnnnnnnnnnn... our forum just migrate from other software with 22 milion posts, take us 4 days to do it all just to convert to xenforo using standard migration. At the end we did groups migration using Nobita's group software. We have some couple issue here and there.. but when I contact him.. fast response and absolutely massive great support, using CLI script from him for big board take us 1 day 22 hours just for importing.. excellence job Nobita.. keep your good work... thanks for your help ....
Very nice addition to our forums, even the support for this addon is on a high level. Keep on doing what you are doing with this addon, hopefully it gets only better in use and with more features for our members.