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Unmaintained ProfilePost With BBcode 2.0.4

No permission to buy ($9.99)
  • Do not render bbcode in status block
  • Fixed minor bug!
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  • Added option to control the status length. You should go to:Options->Messages->Status Length to set maximum of characters in status users can postabele


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Update Log:
  • Remove copyright from AddOn
  • Release addon with new Price. All existing users still download resource without extra cost.
  • Compatible with XenForo 1.4*
  • Fixed minor bugs in 1.4*
  • AddOn performanced.
Compatible with XenForo 1.4+
Change log:
  • Fixed with load more comments
  • Fixed with comment
  • Change execute of template modification to compatible with [bd] Tag Me
Change log:
  • Fixed with multiple tagging users on post.
  • Fixed with tagging on comment.
  • Minor bugs fixed.
Change log:
  • Display smilie on member card
  • Compatible with default xenForo tag for profile post :)
  • Minor bugs fixed!