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Unmaintained ProfilePost With BBcode 2.0.4

No permission to buy ($9.99)
Change log:
  • Fixed with load more comments.
  • Fixed with wrong file class.
Change log:
  • Perfomance querries. I recomment to all users update to this version.
  • Support comment on Profile Post as well. But won't display Editor, Users must using bbcode to display.
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Change log:
  • Fixed user can pass max Images in post.
  • Fixed user can pass bbcode although don't have permissions
To get an update please contact with me ;)
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Change log:
- Fixed when user updated status that not clear old content.
- Fixed didn't bbcode with user empty profile post

Please contact with me to get new update :) And don't forget REVIEW if this is helpful for you :D
I decided release it to free ;)
Please REVIEW if Its helpful for you
Change Log: Add new permissions allow each user of group can use bbcode.


Now Its only 5$ for each domain ^_^