Profile Cover

Profile Cover 2.2.1

No permission to buy ($9.90)
Fixed callback not callable.
Notable Changes:
  • Improvement add-on
Notable Changes:
  • Added permission: Delete own cover
  • Much improvements
Reactions: thumped
  • Added self delete cover
  • Fixed output wrong image type.
  • Update JS file
  • Fixed minor bug.
  • Fixed UTF-8 characters issues. Please upgrade to this version as possible.
  • Silent hide elements.
  • Update third parties library
  • Fixed reposition not working on Safari.
  • Reduce crop image size.
  • Fixed did not clear temp file after cropped success
Changes Log:
  • Update method to crop image!
  • Improvement JS.
  • Added option to change cover position.
  • Fixed some bugs.
Template Changed:
  • profile_cover
  • profile_cover.css
  • profile_cover_cropper.css