1. Hareon

    Display more than one profile tab at the same time on the main profile page

    I've seen some people (in more than one post) talking about a profile home page always going to profile posts. In my case, I use this feature a lot and I love it. But other people prefer another tab as the main tab on a profile. This suggestion attempts to embrace both ideas. There is a lot of...
  2. Skeng

    XF 2.2 How to add in a persons custom profile?

    This screen shot is taken of a users profile, I am wandering how I can add images like these for example the first one that says "Hitman Agency" on a persons profile, I tried writing html to display an image inside the "custom title" field inside a users account but it didn't work.
  3. DemoTiger

    Vanillicon Integration for XenForo - Set Avatars Automatically or by default 1.0.0

    Vanillicons are avatars that are unique to your name or email address. They are free to use. Vanillicons have recently gained popularity. So far, they have generated 555 million avatars. Features: Integrate Vanillicon with XenForo easily. Automatically set avatars for newly signed-up users...
  4. Veer

    [XenCustomize] Profile Audio Player & Library - Music and Lyrics 2.1.4

    ⚠️ Heads up! This add-on isn't compatible with XF 2.3 just yet. But don't worry, we've got a compatible version in the works, and it'll be available soon! Introducing the premier profile music add-on for XenForo 2.2, bringing your profile to life! 😊 My journey with XenForo is as long-standing...
  5. prisnilos

    Unmaintained [PN] FBP 1.0.0

    There are two variations, configurable in the style settings. There are also a few more settings that determine the maximum height of the cover, the blur level of the background (block background), custom tabs, etc. Everything is adapted for mobile phones and other extensions. Widgets from...
  6. apathy

    [AP] Activity/Longevity Meters 1.2.1

    Inspired by WetWired's vBulletin mod This addon adds an "activity" and a "longevity" meter to users postbits and profiles. A cron job runs at a configured timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly) which resets the activity meters to 0. Features Supports [OzzModz] Post Comments Supports [UW] Forum...
  7. prisnilos

    Unmaintained [PN] VK Profile 1.0.9

    The settings are in the group "[PN] VK Profile" We also added a position for widgets under the avatar block.
  8. spirogg

    As designed when clicking on a user profile pic it displays in full page?

    Hello, this only happens if a user has uploaded their profile photo. if they do not upload a photo you can not click on it. but if you do have a profile photo uploaded you will get transferred to a single page of just the photo and also it happens while using mobile devices and that seems...
  9. Андреевич

    Lack of interest Full profile cleaning when banned for "spam"

    Hello! Now all spammers on the Xenforo forums are actively using the flaw in the spam ban system, in which part of the information in the profile remains unchanged. More specifically, spammers link their home page to third-party sites that they advertise. When banning through the "Spam"...
  10. SoomYT

    XF 2.2 black text behind username (on profile)

    username has weird black text behind it when using custom CSS. help please I don't know why this is happening, thanks
  11. RobinHood

    Unmaintained Profile Cover Photo / Banner Image Enhancements 1.0.0

    This addon moves user profile cover image outside of the user info area to give it it's own spotlight. On the user profile page you can now click on both the user cover photo and the user avatar and they will open in the native XenForo lightbox enabling you to view the whole image and even zoom...
  12. Fait

    XF 2.2 How To Edit Userbulp?

    Hello, I don’t usually like to make posts like these because I like to figure things out myself but I am confused about this one. I am trying to remove the users age and location from exactly where it’s circled in the image but I can’t find the exact file to edit? All I see in the...
  13. D

    XF 2.2 Countries for selection upon registration

    Hello xenforo community forums how's everyone? On my forum I enabled the option for the location to be required for registration how ever I would like a drop down field where the users can select their country from. By default on xenforo registration there is just a text field. How can I go...
  14. ibnesayeed

    Won't fix Profile name legibility issue with tricky banner image colors

    I uploaded a new profile banner image with black curvy lines and transparent background, which caused my name appear in white with black outline/stroke/shadow. In the full profile view it is not very legible and in the tooltip mode the background color beneath the text is the same as without any...
  15. BassMan

    [cXF] Extra User Info in Member Tooltip 1.2.0

    Description: Add additional user information to member tooltips like birthday, website, signature or custom fields and some extra features. It works with permissions, so if you don't want to show your extra information you can set it in your account details and it will not show in member...
  16. K

    Lack of interest The display order for payment profiles

    In general, it is strange that this is not out of the box as this option exists for everything, but not for payment gateways. And if 2-3 payment gateways are installed and you want to change the display order for display, the user will have to go into the code.
  17. R

    XF 2.1 Add profile post on profile

    Hey there. Wondering if there's a way so when a user posts a comment on their own profile it shows it on their profile card somewhere? I saw a thread similar but only about Profile Cards, and I'm personally guessing it involves the profile tooltips file or whatever? I dunno. But basically just...
  18. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Verification Badge 2.2.6

    Using this add-on, you can edit any user from ACP, and simply using a checkbox mark the user as Verified. You can also let users ask for a verification badge and manage their requests. Verified users will have a badge next to their username (left OR right, based on your choice in the add-on's...
  19. truonglv

    Profile Vanity URL 2.0.5

    Description: Allow users use custom route link to their profile. Options: Ability choose between or Limit between change vanity url Permissions: Allow certain user groups can use this add-on Demo:
  20. XenConcept

    Unmaintained [XenConcept] Profile Post Attach 2.0.1 Beta 1

    This add-on allows you to add attachments to the profile posts. New in 2.0.1 Beta 1 Upload videos in profile posts and comments New user group permissions
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