Profile Cover

Profile Cover 2.2.1

No permission to buy ($9.90)
  • Fixed error: Allowed -1024 KB
  • Added option to disabled cover to users which did not have permission to upload new cover
  • Some improvements layout.
  • Now compatible with old version.
  • Fixed some bugs :)
Rewrite addon. This version may not compatible with the old version you are using.

Any suggestions please posted in this resource section.
  • Compatible with ProfilePost with BBcode
  • Add new option allow display avatar as Circle or Square
  • Minor performanced!


Reactions: Gemma
  • Fixed delete cover
  • Fixed missing submit drag
Display more information as possible.
You should remove the old addon you using before use this version. To make sure all data from old addon will be removed! You shouldn't upload all files *new version* while you're using the old version. Only upload file when you removed the old version successfully.

Hi! For this version! I re-code this addon. Which will be display the dragged better as possible. And more improved.

*No functions was added.
Reactions: Markos
I have re-design the cover display. Please re-position your cover when you updated addon :)

For view new update:
New UI for display cover :)
Add more style properties as well!