Resources by truonglv

[tl] Realtime 1.0.6 $31.82
Make threads & conversations realtime.
[tl] Minecraft Avatar truonglv
[tl] Minecraft Avatar 2.0.2 $10.94
Allow user can use minecraft avatar as custom avatar.
[tl] Thread Auto Reply 1.0.5 $30.00
Automatically reply to thread if message matching certain keywords
[tl] Resource Icon URL 1.0.2 $16.16
Allow upload resource icon using remote image URL
[tl] Watermark truonglv
[tl] Watermark 2.0.4 $31.82
Add a watermark to uploading images
[tl] Email Payload 1.0.0 $16.16
Automatically inject to header and footer to all out emails
[tl] Keywords Cloud truonglv
[tl] Keywords Cloud 1.0.0 $16.16
Display keywords which users used to searching thread X
[tl] Avatar from URL 1.0.0 $15.00
Allow users upload avatar by provide valid image URL
Show most reacted threads, posts in user profile
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